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Why I Hate Cats

I’m sorry for those who love their cats… I’m sorry, really I am.

But my experience with cats goes back many many years from now. None of them pretty.

The most recent annoying experience with ‘a cat’ (and not the cat bed nor ‘our cat’ coz it’s not ours), happened just this morning… That stupid cat ate our breakfast! buti nalang tira tira yun kagabi.. :-)

I have this neighbor before who really loves cat. I think he has more that 4 or 5 or something. But not anymore he doesn’t. Why? One of his (probably sick) cat, scratched his face so bad, the flesh from his check flop open. Poor guy. I think he had several stitches… (I could have advise him to go to Chicago plastic surgery, but hey.. that’s way way far from here.. lol)… Anyway, since then, I think he’s more of a dog lover just like me.

If you want:

  • scratches to all your home furniture
  • something who always wants you’re attention
  • something that sleeps most of the day
  • smelly house coz of … you know…
  • a pet who doesn’t know who the master is
  • put their butt in your face

Then get a Cat

If you want:

  • a loyal best friend
  • a friend that has love, loyalty and patience
  • greets you when you come home from work
  • plays with you when you’re board
  • but leave you alone if you want to
  • someone who will protect you
  • scare away intruders,
  • play catch,
  • and finish your ice cream cone when you’re full.

Then get a Dog… :-)

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  1. tresebry says:

    haha! mas asteeg ang aso! aso pa rin! wuhoo! :D

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