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Visit to the Apartment

It has been a week (or more) since I sent a picture of the apartment to my father…

Dati kasi, nung nandun pa si nanay, lagi akong mag email ng picture ng pinapagawa nilang apartment. Nung umuwi na si nanay, not sure if coincidence or ano, pero di na ko nakaka pag picture ng apartment…

So that’s why today (rest day ko today till thurs.. and election day).. Matt and I went to the apartment.. But instead of pictures, video nalang ginawa ko.. I thought wala na naman si nanay dun eh, di na nay ipprint un, para makita ni nanay.. And I tried it before, sending a video. My worry was that he may not be able to view it (the one when matt first walked).. na view naman nya so, ok!

So here it is… The video starts at our home, sa terrace then sa gate then sa road, then sa apartment.. You’ll see how it is from my mom’s house.. Ang Layo! hehehe.. baka di kami makadalaw.. hehehe (thanks to yutube)

Nothing to do there, not even a pool.. useless swimwear.

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