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Generic Flonase for Hayfever

I’ve been taking a large dosage of Strumazole for my hyperthyroidism for the last month now. My doctor made me stop using the other two drugs she gave me. She suspects that the rashes on my arms are caused by it. She said I could be allergic to it.

Hayfever or what we commonly know as allergies are caused by a lot of different things depending on someone’s allergic reaction is. It comes usually come during spring and summer months.

There are a few natural remedies you could try, but just like hayfever (allergies) are caused by lots of different things, the cure really seems to be trial and error.

You could try several medications like Defend-OL, Claritin, Sambuka also Euphrasia can be use for itchyness and redding of the eye. The best medicine for hayfever however is Fluticasone, unfortunately apparently it is quite expensive.

But there are options. Generic Flonase is an exact copy of the original hayfever medicine, Flonase only it is much cheaper. The company is based in New Zealand so they offer free shipping there.

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