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Stephen King’s Connection with LOST

Some of the connections between on of my favorite TV show LOST and Stephen King are the characters of the show versus the characters of the Dark Tower. Plus the style of the story of LOST is somehow Stephenkingish… The coincidental meetings of the characters for example has been one the idea of Mr. King.

Anyway, here are some of the character of The Dark Tower vs. the characters on LOST

  • Eddie Dean, a smart-alecky drug addict from which Roland the Last Gunslinger drew form our world to his word is being compared to Charlie of Lost… Both a slave of heroin.
  • While reading the Talisman one night (in the CR) I notice Jack Sawyer and I thought of the two most popular (in my opinion) male character of LOST – Jack (Shepard) and Sawyer

Jack Shepard

  • Jake, a young boy with special powers and a close father and son bond with Roland can be compared to Walt and his father.
  • “Ka”, which dictates that everything happens for a reason, similar to Locke’s belief in fate and the belief of the mysteries of the island.

Some of the more obvious of these similarities are found between Kings Dark Tower character Susannah. For example,

  • Susannah is bound to a wheel chair, having lost her legs after getting pushed in front of a subway train, but is able to walk in some parallel worlds. This is strikingly similar to Locke from Lost, as he was paralyzed from the waist down until waking up after Flight 815’s crash having amazingly been cured.
  • Susannah can at times be compared to almost any of the Lost characters.
  • Again, Jake—a young boy with supernatural abilities know as “the touch”—and the character of Walt from Lost, who also seems to be gifted with his own set of supernatural abilities yet to be explained.
  • Jake adopts and develops a strong bond with a Mid-World animal called a Billy Bumbler, while Walt adopted his dog Vincent on the island.

It is indeed hard to ignore the parallels between Lost and many of King’s novels, most specifically the related works of The Stand, Insomnia and the Dark Tower. While there are many similarities between Lost and King’s legendary book The Stand, the more striking similarities are shared with themes, concepts and characters from the Dark Tower books.

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  1. JAMIE says:

    i also love reading stephen king ;) btw, thanks for visiting my humble abode…

    we’ll see more of each other online. hehe

  2. Violent Femme says:

    I stumbled across your site while researching Stephen King. He is my favourite author and Lost is my absolute favourite TV show. I knew Mr. King liked Lost too, and the producers admire him, but I never picked up on the similarities (I feel so stupid for not seeing it). I really enjoyed your article.

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