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Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms… And to My Wife and Nanay

A short and fast post….

Just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to Lois and to my Mom.

Nay, just want to say thanks ulit for bringing us up this way. Elizar is not Elizar if it wasn’t for you. All my values are from you and I am very grateful. Happy mother’s day po, salamat ulit, thanks thanks….

Happy mother’s day din Neyko. We both know that we are new in this parenting thing, but I can see that you are doing a pretty good work. I believe that being a mother is a very noble job. Sa’yo nakasalalay kung ano and magiging Matthew pagmalaki niya. Gets mo? :)…

Just like what I said to mom, I am what I am because of her. And I know you’ll do the same good thing for Matthew. Happy mother’s day to all mom!

Sya nga pala, love you. Kahit matanda na tayo. And when that time comes, that we’re old and ugly…. I’ll bring you to a Miami cosmetic surgery.. or that famous charlotte cosmetic dentist hehehe.. We’ll have everything fixed… hehehe

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  1. lois says:

    thanks.. iloveyou somuch ney..(LOIS)

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