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Hereditary Baldness

There are many causes of being bald. True, one is hereditary, i.e. if you’re father grew bald (or your grandfather, or your grandfather’s father), chances are you may also go bald. Chemicals too, and improper care of hair can also cause baldness.

But we’re not going to talk about baldness here. But I will show you one of Matt’s physical trait that was from me… or from the Palad clan.

Look at the picture of Matthew below. Here, he is somewhere in his 3rd or 4th month.

Cute baby is he not? Notice anything? Remember, the one that is from ‘Palad’ family not ‘Saturno’. Guessed it yet? No? Well, here’s another picture… This time with me included to make it easy for you.

Wala pa rin? Ok last clue.. Here’s another one with my mom. (di lang din pala Palad, pati sa mother side pala meron din.. hehehe) Give up? well, look at the forehead…:)

Yep, that is indeed hereditary ain’t it? Though I always said that we’re not going bald (my father and his father is not) That’s good news.

But just in case we (or you) go bald there are lots of technology and science out there that can help you.

And now that we may (if God wills it) have a chance to live in New York, there’s this New Jersey hair transplant that is very near in NYC that we can go to! hehehe

So, goodbye hair? Not yet… We’ll see them again soon! :)

3 Responses to “Hereditary Baldness”

  1. ann says:

    Hereditary nga rin yan, may neighbor kami na ganyan, lahat ng anak na lalaki nakuha yung buhok nya na wala na halos sa harapan.

  2. mawee says:

    hi kuya~ ngaun lang uhlet ako nakadalaw, xenxa po!!!
    hmm, herditary baldness is a trait passed onto a male child :(
    yung bro ko din, im betting 100% that he’d have the trait too..

    and my papi had svenson`s kaya yun nga di naman gaano problema.. masakit lang sa bulsa :D i suggest svenson too ^^

  3. tina says:

    dami ng ways ngayon for that… mga hair treatments and all. and there are shampoos which can grow hair.. dba?

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