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My Brother: New York’s Newest Regular Employee

My brother Nelson has been in New York more that 2 months now. I remember the day he left, di namin naihatid ni lois dahil may checkup si Matthew.

His 3-month project is almost up and he still haven’t been to Branson Missouri. Yesterday he told us that when he comes back here, there’ll be no work waiting for him. That was a surprised because the contract says that after his project in NY, he’ll be employed (here in the Philippines.) as the IT consultant for Solegy (formerly Telic). But apparently, that’s not going to happen.

And just now, he informed us that he was offered a permanent working visa! Ayus! That’s the last thing we’d expect! Pero ok na ok un kaysa wala syang trabaho by June.

(Nel @ Statue of Liberty.. almost)

The company will be the one to process all the necessary papers. He will also be given his own apartment, he’s salary will be in USD and other stuff. Now, did he take the offer? Hell yes! :)

Told him to ask his boss if he can also buy him a used BMW San Diego (don’t know about cars in Manhattan but I heard cars in SD is good!:)

Also told him to check out all the concert that he can watch over there or every sports happenings he’ll have a chance to see. With new york ticket broker company/website, getting passes to such gimmick places is no problem!

(Doing his Hiro Nakamura impersonation, hehehe)

Bilis ng isip namin ni Ate, hehehe… We’ll ask Nel to petition our mother, para makasunod din kami dun agad! hahahaha

“I love New York!!!” – Hiro Nakamura

2 Responses to “My Brother: New York’s Newest Regular Employee”

  1. pam says:

    wow! congrats sa kanya!!!! ;-) hehe. ang galing galing!

  2. Tikey says:

    basta skilled ka nman at me ibubuga, khit saang bansa kapa makapunta paghihinayangan ka ng mga napagtrabauhan mo.. congrats sa kapatid mo… masaya ako para sa inyo…

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