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High Tech Picture Frames

Today is the Future.” (well, or you know… tomorrow’s the future… whatever. Just want to say that, sounds so cool.. lol)

Let’s take pictures for example. Digital picture. With the prices of digital camera dropping, well more affordable or the camera/phone that everyone has nowadays, a photo is as instant as an instant noodles (what?! you know what I mean).. :)

Who amongst us today do not have an imageshack account? A flick account? Photobucket?

Right now, I guessing you have hundreds and hundreds of pictures stored in you computer’s hard drive or in a thumb drive, ipod and any other storage device you might have.

Would it be great if you can take each photo and showed it to your family and friends? But of course you can’t have every single one of it printed right? This is where I considered getting of those digital frames. (commercial na commercial ang dating ah, hehehehe)

One of the best company that sells digital frames is digital framez. Digitalframez.com is an online electronic store specializing in lcd digital photo frames. It has wide variety of digital picture frame sizes and colors. Different designs are also available. If I have some money to spare, and shipment and credit card’s not an issue, I will definitely have one of those.

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  1. malaya says:

    Pinoys love memories, that’s why
    digital cams are as hot as cell phones, too nowadays – even the price is too lavish.
    Lam mo naman ayaw mapag-iwanan ng technology kahit hirap sa buhay. And besides, bihira yata sa Pinoy ang camera shy.

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