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Furniture for the new Apartment

Last week, Lois and I (with matthew) went to see my doctor for my regular checkup. After that we went to SM Marilao, watched Spiderman 3 with Matthew. The details are here.

What I did not mention, or forgot to include was that we also went to the home furniture section of the department store. We are looking for a living room furniture so we can have it ready before the construction of the apartment gets finished.

We actually did find one! It was a simple sala set. It was not so big that occupies the whole room, but I think it’s good. I wasn’t able to get the picture so I can’t post any image here but I do find a look-a-like at the furniturefromhome.com here

I’ve checked the site all it was great! Not only do they have impressive living room furniture, they have the whole nine yards of the furnitures, including bedroom furnitures as well as dining furnitures. Puro furnitures yata tong paragraph na to ah. Lot’s and lot’s of choices.
Their site is very pretty and according to the website their policies are sound. They offer white glove delivery service free of charge. They also have a lot of choice when it comes to dining room furniture… They pretty much have all kinds of different furniture choices. Check them out today

Syang di ako bbili sa knila.. :)

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