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Welcome Back Nay

My mom arrived last Monday from Damman, KSA. To bad I wasn’t there to greet her. But that’s alright, there was a family gathering that night, and I was there. She has lots of stuff she brought along with her. Her 2 luggage, though not Samsonite luggage was so full and jam packed, not including her jewelry and Akoya pearls, Audemars Piguet watch and other personal stuffs.

Mom only spent 3 months in Saudi. Her trip back home really was unexpected. It was not planned. Certain circumstances abrupt her stay there with my father.

What is that you might ask?

It’s about the apartment that they (my father, mother and tita) are putting up.

The construction of this 3-storey apartment began November of last year and is expected to finish by the end of June. The picture above was taken some time in the end part of April. As you can see, it’s almost finished. Today, those people working there are doing the third floor and the thing in from are no more. (I don’t have the most recent pic.. :)

The bad news is they no longer have to money to continue with the construction. My father asked my tita to load a considerable amount from some bank, which she did but got denied. (She always gets denied)
That’s the reason my mom, went back home – hindi dahil reyna sya ng utangan but to help tita get that loan. My tita should have looked for like a Debt Help Resource. Hopefully mom’s aplication will be approved so they can finish their project.

After that, they might want to look for an Affordable Insurance Resource for the apartment, just in case.
Postscriptum: lois and i actually are the most eager of all to finish that thing. Lilipat kasi kami dun. :)

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  1. sasha says:

    Hahahaha… Natawa ako sa pahabol hehe… Naku sana nga makuha ang loan para matapos na. Bait naman ni nanay at talagang umuwi pa para asikasuhin ang bagay-bagay hehe… :)

    Gandang gabi sayo, kapitbahay! :)

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