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Car Wash Business

My brother and I is planning to put up a car wash business here in our area. We’ve been talking about putting up another small business. This car wash business thing came up when we were thinking of ways to spend the money that the computer shop is earning.. :).. good thing instead of spending it, we use it as the capital for another venture.. hehehe, .. sounds like the Palad bros are becoming (budding) entrepreneurs.. :)

Here’s basically what we need to it up… (got this info from someone in Entrepreneurs.com)

1. Pressurized Washer      P4,500 ++
2. Vacuum                       P3,500++
3. Foam Wash                  P6,500++
4. Air Compressor            P6,000++


1. Car Shampoo               P200/galon
2. Car Wax                      depende sa brand
3. Tire black                     P50/bottle
4. Air freshener                depende sa brand (spray type)
5. Kaneebo/chaimos         P200/sheet
6. Sponge                       P5.00 per piece
7. Extra basahan              depende sa brand

Place to buy is in Binondo. You can also find it somewhere else, do your search. Keep in though that they may vary their price if they know you’re a newbie… Watch it!

2 Responses to “Car Wash Business”

  1. ann says:

    Magandang business nga yan, alam mo ba last vacation namin eh nakita ko sa may sn.fdo,pamp. na tabi-tabi lang yang mga car wash pero hirap kami makasingit sa haba ng pila lagi.

  2. francesca says:

    ba, galeng a!

    eli, me computer shop din ang lola fran mo sa antipolo, 22 pcs and malaks nga kuMita, laki lng ng kuryente, but grabeh, kulang ang pc minsan, lol

    oy, pautang mo na lang sa kin pera nyo ni bro, hehe.

    maganda nag car wash business sa atin,lalo na tag ulan lagi !

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