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In Need of A Good LCD Monitor

InnerChild is doing good! All those hard work paid off, all the advertising, marketing ek ek that we did, good, good good!

It has been 3 months since we open this humble little computer shop. And the revenue it brings gets higher every month! Hope it goes like that forever and ever. Tomorrow would be the start of our fourth month. Thanks to the one ‘up there’.

The demand is so great that we need to purchase additional units, or at least utilize every available resource that we have. We’re currently have 10 computers, and we have 2 more units but without a processor and a monitor.

With the money that the shop is putting in, I’m planning to get those processors, anything that is not below 1GHz and that is supported by the motherboard (AMD, thank you very much). But the monitors we need to consider.

All 10 units we have here are using a Samsung SyncMaster 740N , one slick monitor!

That’s why if we’re going to buy a monitor, we will definitely buy one of these beauties…

It is a 17 in, flat panel computer monitor. Compared to other flat panel monitors on the market, it is relatively inexpensive at around $215. This LCD features a 1280×1024 native resolution. Weighs 10.4 lbs. … according to CNET

Will go frab one.. err, two now!

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