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Highest To Date! 45mg!

Will I ever be cured?

We went to Nazarenus Hospital today (May 3) for my scheduled checkup. After telling my doctor that I’m still having trouble getting up from bed during the wee hours of the day, and that I still have the shaking hands and the fast heartbeat and now, I have this weird rashes on my arm and some on my leg, she advised me to take up 45mg of Strumazole. That’s 15mg more from the previous month’s 30mg… I’m ready to take my Radioactive Iodine, as long as mawala na tong problema ko na to..

Anyway, let’s stop the depressing post. It’s about the family this time.

As you know, Spiderman 3 opened last May 1, for us May 3 is Spiderman 3 day! Coincidence.. :)

The special thing is, it’s Matthew’s first movie! Yes I know, 1 year old baby inside a movie theater? Ok lang ah. Matt was very behaved. You wouldn’t believe that he even watched the show.. well, a quarter of it from the beginning before falling asleep… Cute little boy, di man lang nagising sa ingay.

When he woke up, around the time that Spiderman was having a beating from Sandman. Kakampi nya si Spiderman. Why? When he saw that Spidey was almost dead, he puches (in the air) sandman! Couldn’t describe it, but picture him throwing a punch in the air, aimed at the big screen.. cute! :)

Anyway, just want to share some pics… This was taken during lunch… Nowadays, when we go out to eat, we always take the bigger table, so Matthew can sit on it! :) No more high chair for this restless little boy.

2 Responses to “Highest To Date! 45mg!”

  1. MeL says:

    Yeah Spiderman3! Best Spiderman movie ever! :)

    Everything’s gonna be okay. Pray lage and have faith in Him. Smiles.

  2. Elizar says:

    thanks so much Mel!

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