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7 Random Facts/Hobbies of Elizar

Thanks very much Joy! I really enjoy doing these stuff…

Alright the rule:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! Let’s begin….

1. Whenever I go pupu, I always have something to read. Anything from a VCR manual to a YES magazine to a Stephen King book. Why? You guess because that’s another story. lol

2. When I was little, I always refrain from thinking that I will grow old. I never see myself growing up – never getting married, not having my own family, not having a beautiful baby boy. But now that I am, I love it! (though the very reason (of not getting old) I had before is still there)

3. Whenever I finish a Stephen King novel, I always wish he would come here (in the Philippines) and sign my book(s)… (and maybe give him a kiss or something.. lol!!.. same goes with the surviving Beatles)

4. I love to read and talk and see a film about anything that’s magical or impossible; time travel, telekinesis, parallel dimensions. – Got this one from Joy herself, but hey, I like it too.

5. I have food with gata (coconut milk)… I know there’s a lot of delicious with with gata in it, but sorry, I find it hard to eat those, but I do like miryendas with gata in it!

6. I plan but I don’t execute.

7. I’m a coffee addict, tv addict, movie addict, sex addict, FRIENDS addict, SKing addict and a Beatle addict… Wait, I think I made a mistake somewhere.. lol.. ignore that one.

There! Alright! So now, lets tag Nina, The Dark One Bry, Andianka, Karmi, Mauwy, Pam, and Tina. Go guys!

8 Responses to “7 Random Facts/Hobbies of Elizar”

  1. andianka says:

    waaaah! okie okie… try ko din gawin ‘to.. ahihihi…

  2. karmi says:

    may tag-ay pala ako dito kuya.. :) cge, gawin ko yan! hehehe.. iisip muna ako ng 7 bagay na di nyo pa alam tungkol sa akin.. :D

  3. francesca says:

    Ako sa cr , binabasa ko ang book about: salad and diet book, helpd to avoid staying long inside the cr. Teka, succesful ba naman lagi, pag may binabasa? lol

    sa reading your books, try mo steve martini, super duper sa ganda ng kwento nya, mostly detective/lawyer stuffs. You will like it, lol! dyan sa PInas ako bili ng books sa “book sale” kasi 100pesos lang.Sama ko lolo french, nakikihalungkat din.

    other things about you, i leave others to comment, haba na neto, lol

  4. tina says:

    same tayo sa number 1 tsaka gusto ko din ma meet fave author ko… si r.ludlum.. pero la na xa eh… si steven spielberg na lng…. kahit di xa author.. galing ng movies nyaa..

  5. joy says:

    nice! parehas tayo. interesting! ang galing naman kasi talaga di ba?

    uy papa eli update mo link ko salamats!

  6. lady cess says:

    hahaha! hindi ko talaga maintindihan why there is a need for people to bring books in the cr.

  7. mawee says:

    ayy~~ eto pala! haahaa, sagutan ko na ^^ nagun lang >.

  8. ana says:

    hahahah sa susunod try mo naman mag baon ng gameboy habang nag pupupu masaya yata yun

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