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My First Tag from Pam

I’ve never been tag before, this is the first from Pam. Hey, thanks! :)
1. What are the five blogs you visit when you open your computer?

I first check my tagboard messages then ung comments. So today, ung first 5 na na open ko…. kay Pam, Mel, Tina, Karmi and Mauwy (syang Kapitbahay, 5 lang eh.. next ka na sana.. :)

2. What browsers do you use?

– Firefox din! Daming add-ons eh.. favorite ko is ung ftp client.

3. What are your top 3 favorite categories in your blog?

– Stephen Matthew, Elizar, and Lakwatsa/adventure.

4. Pretend that you’re a spam. What comment will you leave to the blogs that you commented?

Great Site! Will recommend it to my friends… Anyway, wan to buy some viagras?

5. Who are the 7 bloggers that you will tag?

– Since na tag na si Mel, at Tina ni Pam, sigruro sina Karmi, Rachel, Mauwy, Joi and Sasha (kahit sa quick update na lang kapitbahay.. :)

3 Responses to “My First Tag from Pam”

  1. Aisha says:

    haha! halos lht firefox.. wuuhuu cool!

  2. sasha says:

    Hahaha, sorry ngaun lang nakabloghop kasi may “ginawang” blog ng kaibigan :)

    Gagawin ko ito, kapitbahay. Tama, sa quick updates na lang. Modify ko lang ng konti hehe

    Salamat sa tag! :)

  3. MeL says:

    Na-touch ako Tatay ELi. :) Salamat ng marami. Natutuwa talaga ako subaybayan ang next kakulitan ni Matt. :)

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