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The Journey to The Dark Tower Has Ended

Just finished reading book 7, the last book, of The Dark Tower series… All 1050 pages of it.

It took me several weeks, even months, but hey, just like Roland, the journey is long… Enjoyed every bit of it!

I could write a review on how great the story is as a whole but I don’t know where to start… Would I recommend reading all 7 Dark Tower books? Hell no!.. I wouldn’t.. I would recommend first reading the books related to the Dark tower story… For example, the main antagonist of the story is the Crimson King, I say, read first Stephen King’s Insomia, wherein King describes the Crimson King in detail.

In The DarkTower.net, there is a complete (to date) connections of all Stephen King’s novel.. The pictures below show

Interested? Why not buy one? (and I’m not recommending? :)…

2 Responses to “The Journey to The Dark Tower Has Ended”

  1. tina says:

    wow.. grabe pala ang series na iyan ahh.. di basta basta… im really looking for a really good stephen king book.. and looking for your suggested book na.. bag of bones ba un ?

  2. Elizar says:

    yep! ganda un! Bag of Bones! 3x ko yata binasa un..every time, naaawa ako sa bata… and sa mother nya.. :(

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