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Hyperthyrodism Strikes Again!

This is the worst (yet) that ever happened to me caused by this stupid thyroid of mine… worst that not having a funeral insurance

Started feeling week on the knees and legs 2 nights before, and continued until last night.

Work schedule is still night shift… Around 2am this morning, nature calls and I need to take a leak. I could not get up from where I’m sitting. It took all my strength to pull myself up… I know then that I will have a problem commuting home after office. Which is what exactly what happened…

While on the elevator going down, I was thinking of ways to get myself home. My legs are so weak, I have doubts if I can even get aboard a jeepney or a bus. Choosing which public transport to take is the first problem… If i took the jeep (without a problem) I have to climb the (long) stairs of Ayala MRT station (pretty much sure the escalator is not working that hour of the day)… If I took a bus and bring myself to Buendia MRT station, I could use the elevator going up… but the stairs going down will be a pain…

I want less walk as possible.. So I decided (this was inside the Philamlife tower elevator) that I would take the bus that goes directly to Bulacan.. I don’t care if It would take forever to get there.

I kept thinking of the bus and jeeps, that it struck me that i have a flight of stairs to conquer before taking a ride home… This was the underpass in Ayala/Paseo intersection! Going down (Insular side) took me somewhere like 5minutes! But the problem there was going up (Enterprise/HSBC)…. I’ve made at least 10 stops during that climb up… A very kind man probably noticed my pains offered to help.. I said, “I’m good, thanks….” (bless you..)

Finally, I made it to the waiting shed/loading area… By then I decided to take the bus that goes straight to Garden Village, Sta maria Bulacan… But when I tried to get aboard the bus… every bit of strength went out my legs, and the next thing I know.. I’m doing the commando sit up… Buti nalang di ako talagang nakahiga sa kalsada ng Ayada… Para lang akong basketbolistang na foul and naka upo sa court… Unlike in the underpass, this time no one offers any help to bring me up… And to be honest I have no strength to lift myself up… I asked help to the nearest guy from me, and he helped me..

That’s when I decided to take a cab… Walang steps na kailangang gawin, just sit there and go! Asked the taxi driver to bring me to Munoz… At Munoz, that’s when I called home to ask them to pick me up.

Told my boss that there is a possibility that I may not be able to go to work that coming night.. And he said he understands… Probably sunday too… So, next work day will be friday…

There!… Worst day ever with this stupid hyperthyroid!

3 Responses to “Hyperthyrodism Strikes Again!”

  1. ann says:

    Tindi pala nyan. Pano ba sumpong nyan? Pag di ka on time sa gamot or pag may nakain kang bawal?

  2. Elizar says:

    hi ms. ann… nasa oras naman gamot ko eh… at alam ko di naman ako kumakain ng bawal…. suspect ko is puyat..

  3. tina says:

    bait naman ng boss… pero ang tindi din yang hyperthyrodism. sana ok ka na.

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