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Long Day… Pleasant Nights

Long Day… Pleasant Nights, common greeting in the Mid-World… A world that has moved on… The world of Roland, the last Gunslinger

But this is not about that.. (although, the book I’m reading is getting exciting every turn of the page)…

This is about Thursday… March 8… Nelson, my brother boarded the plane to New York around 11:00am today. He sent and SMS saying that he’ll probably be there 9:00am Philippine time tomorrow morning… Di na nagpahatid eh. Si allyson (or Alli)ang kasama nya.

Nagpacheckup din kami ni Matthew today… Me for my thyroid and him for his chicken pox vaccination.. Here’s Matthew while waiting for his turn to be called.


click pic to enlarge
Sandali lang naman kami naghintay sa doktora nya, pero ang dami naming nagawa ni Mat-mat… Di ko nakunan pictures lahat eh.. (si lois pala nagtake ng pictures..hehehe)This pictures, for examples show Matthew, having his first coffee…

Matthew First Coffee
joke joke joke.. ako ang coffee addict sa family.. :) .. pero parang gustong gusto ni matt eh.. kanina pa nakatingin eh…
Elizar Matthew Having Coffee
Lastly, eto na naman ang mag ama.. listening to some song from the Butchering the Beatles: A Headbashing Tribute tribute album for The Beatles…. First I was showing him how to do it.. (first pic), then I let him try and do it himself.. nagawa ba nya? kelangan pa bang i-memorize ulit yon? syempre hindi pa.. And finally, nakikinig na sya… feel na feel.. hehehe..click the pic to enlarge.. nakakatuwa..

Elizar Matthew Ipod Elizar Matthew Ipod Elizar Matthew Ipod

6 Responses to “Long Day… Pleasant Nights”

  1. karmi says:

    kyut ng baby mo kuya.. :D

  2. Elizar says:

    thanks karmi.. bat ung baby lang? mas pogi syempre ung original.. .hehehehe…

  3. amore says:

    ang cute ni mat-mat buti hindi nagmana sayo.. hahaha

    I grew with beatles too.. favorite yan ng kuya ko.. ;)

  4. tina says:

    haha prang gusto nga nya nung kape.. san pa nag mana ? hehehe

  5. sasha says:

    Aba at ang tatay coffee adik pala! Siguro sarap na sarap sa amoy ng coffee si Mat-mat! Hehehehe

    U have thyroid problems? Di ba it will get worse with coffee? Hmm…

    Ang cute ni Mat-mat! Walang-wala ang tatay heheheh.. :)

    Happy Friday sa buong family!

  6. francesca says:

    uy thats good pic for MP3 commercial. If I were you, I ll send it to IPOD company.
    many would appreciate Mat’s emotions in the pic, listening to Beatles ba?
    Pa kuadro mo yan, its his best photo!

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