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Storage Training

Went to the office around 2pm for the Storage training. Like I said a few post back, Unix will be given a few Storage task. Those common page they receive from OC-DBA or the automatic alert from DFM will now be attended by the those good looking guys in OC-UNIX… :)

Today also, I was supposed to meet my other 2 brother in Glorietta… Dennis (the youngest) is supposed to give me the money from my mom for the month of March.. and Nel, is suppose to give me the ATM/account where we will deposit the computer shop money…. Wasn’t able to meet neither. 2pm nako dumating..kala ko 1:30pm eh.. 11:am pa naman ako umalis ng bahay..

Anyway, in the 18th floor of the PhilamLife tower, Sir Greg Dube taught us some theories about NetApp and some explain some terms associated with the filer.. like aggregates, volumes, qtrees, luns etc… He was good! Everything stuck to mind… :) It took us couple of hours before we wrap it up. Dinner time! :)

Network and Unix team had dinner with Mitch and Greg, the network and unix/storage managers respectively. We ate at some seafood restaurant, I forgot the name, but it’s in Greenbelt 3, 3rd floor beside the Sports Grill something.. :)

I ordered the Seafood Platters One… What a serving! Buong kawali (literally) binigay sakin.. It has (very) large fries, prawns, fish meat, and grilled calamares! Tasty!

3 Responses to “Storage Training”

  1. sasha says:

    Sows! Ginutom ako dito! Dapat maya pa ako lunch… pero ngaun na! Gutom na ako! :)

  2. Elizar says:

    naalala ko na! Fish and Co. pangalang nung place! nakita ko ung tissue sa bahay na galing dun (remembrance ko heheh )

    sino gusto sumama? punta ulit ako dun.. :)

  3. francesca says:

    Aba, eli, okey tong seafood platter mo ah!
    basta seafood, yan ang trip na min ni Lolo, worth coming home talaga;

    like once we were in Pirates Caribean resto ba yun sa cubao, with grilled tilapia, shrimps, crabs, pusit!

    puntahan ko yang greenbelt 3 pag nasa pinas kami and I will ask: “yung bang inorder ni Eli dito noon, si Eli, yung ka blog ko.”

    Pag di nila maget,di ako oorder, hehe.

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