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Off to New York!

My first of four rest days is almost over… I’m here at the shop numbing my butt out (been sitting here for hours now) and writing today’s entry. (I’m waiting for my last customer to finish her chat, so I can close this place up)

So, what happened today?

Not much. Been here in the shop the whole day. (well, sometimes I go to the little boys’ room to pee). My associate/business partner/brother’s not here so I’m the one doing the timecodes and printing and the PR things… :) Here’s been working on his passport/visa for the past couple of days now and this morning we had a little chat and he said that it is confirmed! March 6, he’ll be flying to New York for a 3 month project!

Lucky dude! :)

Congrats bro! Im happy for you! Just don’t forget my comics! ;)


Today also we we’ve discussed the bday preparation for Matthew.. Which of course will be a very family/relative only affair..Simpleng simple lang po.

Today also.. errr.. tonight.. I managed to setup Lois new and only blog! Visit din kayo dun! :)


7 Responses to “Off to New York!”

  1. tina says:

    Bon Voyage to your brother.. hehe. :)

  2. ann says:

    Mag wa one year pa lang pala baby mo. Gawin momg memorable yung birthday nya.

  3. Mauwy says:

    wow~ lucky ^^

  4. Sidney says:

    To bad it is not you who will go to New York! ;-)

  5. sasha says:

    Aba, congrats kay bro mo! Company-sponsored ba yan? Sarap naman! New York, my home in my past life. Hahaha

  6. tresebry says:

    gudluck kay bro! :-P

  7. pam says:

    kala ko ikaw. :P

    haha. :)

    congrats sa kanya! :)

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