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Disk Full

Mel’s message on the tagboard, stuck in my head the whole day. She said that she commented on one of my post, but it did not get displayed…

What I did was logged in to WP admin page (still couldn’t figure it out how to disable the comment moderation), and check if the comment is still there, waiting for my approval… Nothing there.

That’s when I remember bBlog – my first blog engine. Because of thousands of spam messages I received with Bblog, I decided to use WordPress.

I was pretty sure that Mel’s comment not displaying was caused by that – no more disk space to save the comment. Checked disk usage using cpanel, and I was right…

cpanel disk usage

Freed up some space by deleting bitweaver – it’s a content management system I almost used, but no time to study it :) .

And I know that the spam comment for bBlog will keep coming in, so I decided to remove the ‘comment’ table in my bBlog db..

Drop Database

That should fix that! :)

Intayin ko comment mo Mel! hehehe.. ;)

2 Responses to “Disk Full”

  1. tina says:

    testing 123 hehe.. nahanap mo na ba si atlantis? hehe

  2. MeL says:

    Here i am! Nakita ko na nga yung comment ko below. Teka, bakit hanggang dito nakakakita ako ng SQL? Parang work na naman ang naiisip ko! Nyahaha. Sumasakit ulo ko. :)

    Btw, nakakamiss na ang pagco-comment mo rin sa page ko. Good day to u! Yay..

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