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Great thing about my work, is the schedule… I got to have 3 or 4 days off! (depends on the schedule).. Well, this week, I have 3 days off… that’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My second day is over though. [sad]

Some pics taken from yesterday and today…

This one was taken this morning… Kim, my niece, and Matthew sitting in the small plastic chair… I thought they looked cute and so I asked my brother to take a picture..

Kim and Matthew

Next one’s from yesterday. As Yoda would say it, “Early riser, we are, yes.”.. Taken a few minutes before 7am. We’re outside, in front of the house counting trucks and jeepnes and tricycles passing by…

Matthew Outside

Still from yesterday.. Fresh from the shower… Lunch time.. I’m wearing my TNCSi Sportfest shirt (Formerly NEC Components Philippines, my first employer in Calamba Laguna)… Nakita ko sa baul eh.. I think this was way back 2003…

Matthew Inside

I don’t know about you guys, probably just me.. but I think I look much better, mas pogi hehehe ng bagong gising.. ;)

You may have noticed some missing posts (?).. pinatanggal.. bati na kmi eh.. ;)

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