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InnerChild First Day

Not bad. I mean, not bad for a first day not to mention a lazy Sunday… (not as enthusiastic as the previous post eh? hehehe..)

I mean, there were kids, and lots of them playing… I just know that weekdays will be different, you know, school days and all…

Nelson, my brother and I, basically still playing with the functions and features of Cybercafe pro.. And I think we’re getting the hang of it… Either we use the Account mode or the TimeCode thing..

Another thing worth mentioning is that I enjoyed playing O2Jam, Ran Online and other online games.. Before kasi, the first time we did this computer shop business a few years back, the only games we know are Starcraft, warcraft and CounterStrike (which by the way is still very popular with the kids)

Isa pa.. we had several applicant who wanted to apply for the receptionist position. There was this lady from yesterday.. sabi ko, I prefer single.. kasi may iisipin pang asawa at anak un.. and the working hours may extend up to 10pm or later… Then this morning was a young fresh graduate (teacher) who wanted the postion, sabi ko bumalik sa March… I have to talk this over with my brother… (tapos, si ninang gusto rin magbantay sa shop..hehehe nubayan.. )

Soon we’ll be having promos and giveaways like advertising pens

Yun muna….

3 Responses to “InnerChild First Day”

  1. tina says:

    at least youre not running out of options kung sino magbabantay. haha. :P sunday family day/… pag school day tiyak madami studes or maybe even saturday hehe

  2. MeL says:

    Sunday ang opening? Not bad. :) I’m sure pag school days madami maglalaro dyan lalo na pag bakasyon.

    Teka, hindi ba mahirap pagamitin ng keyboard ang mga ‘bata’ kasi baka lumubog na ang keys sa kapipindot nila. Hahaha

  3. starfish says:

    open pa ba ang position? baka pwede me mag apply? he he he

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