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eli’s blog history

I’ve been browsing my directories of my web site, and I came across an old subdirectory, surprisingly named archives.. :) Checked the contents and found that the pages there are the first few ones that I created using plain text (well, I used Dreamweaver, but heck, I was on code mode :) … I don’t even consider the site then as a blog.. I wanted to put up some unix tutorial, japanese tutorial, my music etc… you know, everything eli.. it turns out will become another blogsite.. ;)

The first known entry was our wedding (without any wedding flowers).. December 17, 2005!..

God I remember those late night html editing thing that I did.. Napakahirap kahit may Dreamweaver! And to think, I didn’t even design the style of the webiste.. I borrowed it in Johnny America’s site. (I didn’t steal it, mind you…. I asked for permission and those kind people allowed me to use it..) Also, the original website that I was to use the design was in Razile.com site… Enough of that……After the wedding, the next entry was Matthew’s birth… March 1,2006 (come on.. I know you’re doing the calculation.. December? March?! Uso un! hehehe)

Lois Labor
The next update I made, apparently was one month later… Matt’s first Month … All the old post are in archives.. using HTML text..By July 2006, And I used Bblog for the blog engine… The first post was July 5, as you may see here

Bblog was great!! You can actually change themes.. Install plugins.. direct html coding.. etc.. this was a big deal for me, since im using plain text then.. The only reason I looked for an alternative was Spam! Everyday I would log in and clean up those pesky comments… 50, 100 or 200 at a time… Kainis nga eh, kaka-erase ko ng comment, na-erase ko tuloy ung comment ni Kelvin ng Ichyworms!

Then by 2007… I met WordPress! Dyaaaraaaaannn!!! Amazing!!! Everything that Bblog can do, WordPress can do better!! And there are literally hundreds of templates/themes out there!! And now, I’m starting to really enjoy posting stuff here.. I’m really starting to see the blog world.. un ba term dun? blogsphere? Dunno…

As you may have notice.. mag 2 months palang ako sa WordPress… but I love it! Di muna ko titingin sa iba.. dito muna ko..hehe..dito nalang ako.. ;) experementuhin pa… :)


4 Responses to “eli’s blog history”

  1. tina says:

    maganda talaga wordpress.. dami na nagsasabi. i tried their free version ( i know its nothng compared to the ones where you get hosted talaga..) and its neat and sleek. nice talaga. im planning to be hosted too. yay.

  2. MeL says:

    Huwaw! Gwapings! Hahaha. Natawa ako dun sa tinutukoy mong ‘uso’ ngayon. :))

    I’ve been using ‘blogger’ since 2005 pero in-abandon ko yun for almost a year. Last year lang ako nagbalik at ang masasabi ko lang eh di sya maganda kaya nga nag LJ ako. Ang problema naman sa LJ eh strict sila. They don’t really allow tagboards or kung ano pang ek-ek. Wala pa akong nakikitang LJ acct na may tagboard. Kuya, since I presume na you’re into HTML codes (probably, you’re a web designer/graphics artist in Makati) maybe pwede mong kapain yun for me. Nyahaha. kapal ko.

  3. pam says:

    wee!!! nice! :-)

    hehehe. ako rin eh, still figuring out wordpress stuff. ;-)

  4. aisha says:

    wee ang cute niyo naman! hehehe i mean the wedding pic ha hehehe nice tlga

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