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I thought I share this one out.. Read a post from Ms. Dine about her Angela..

Gosh, Angela’s been to a lot! I’m glad she’s ok now.. I can relate to her in some way…

Finding the right doctor to diagnose and treat you is the most important of all… Few years ago, i complained to my mom about my frequent chest pains, and that I felt weak on the knees.. I remember one time on my way to work, when I got off the bus, my legs and knees has gotten so weak that they were not able to support me and I almost fell and lay there in the side of the road!

Then when it’s time to climb up the stairs of the MRT station, I couldn’t bring myself to raise my feet/legs to step up… I was so scared then!

Forgot if that the next day, but definitely a rest day, we went to the nearest hospital.. At that time, I have this cold… I was diagnosed of having tuberculosis! What a super misdiagnosed case! That was a shock for me, and my mom/dad!

I couldn’t believe it! I needed a second opinion. I insisted my parents to take me to another hospital… That’s when I met Dra. Mary Ann Batungbakal – an endocrinologist (general medicine and all :) )

Asking for symptoms alone, she found out what was wrong with me… She asked me to take some blood test just to confirm..and she was right… The weakness was due to lack of potassium and the other symptoms was hyperthyroidism.. results of all those ‘T’ tests.. t3, t4, tsh… For 2 years I’ve been taking Thiamazole (then tapazole) – an antithyroid drug..

I’ll be taking that kind of medicine for the rest of my life unless I have it removed (the thyroid) or take the RAI.. radio-active iodine therapy.. (taking RAI, I should be isolated to everyone.. radioactive talaga) Right now, I’m taking 2.5mg of Tapazole.. I started 30mg of Thiamazole then.. (i say, i’m doing good for now)

What is Hyperthyroidsm

Super active thyroid, that’s what hyperthyroidism is. It occurs when the thyroid gland makes too much thyroid hormone. These excess hormones causes tiredness, weight loss (no need for weight loss pills there), increased heart rate, heat intolerance, sweating, irritability, anxiety, muscle weakness, and thyroid enlargement.

Like I said, hyperthyroidism can be treated with medication, radioactive iodine, or with surgery. In most cases, treatment brings thyroid function back to normal. However, lifelong follow-up with a health professional is needed to closely monitor thyroid hormone levels.

14 Responses to “Hyperthyroidsm”

  1. sheng says:

    I hope u feel better now.

  2. Elizar says:

    I am. Thanks sheng.. but the medication continues… till… death do us part.. :D

  3. sexy mom says:

    thanks for sharing about angela’s story with your dear readers. we really have to reach out to other people to share experiences.

    i do hope you continue to get better. take care and God bless, Eli

  4. jeniffer says:

    oh no, hypertyroidism.. nakakatakot nga yan. but anyway just take care of yourself.. and take the prescribe medicine of ur physician..

  5. MeL says:

    Really? Tsk tsk. Buti na lang hindi na 30mg ang medicine mo. Does that mean na mas ok ka ngayon compared before?

    Sana hindi maging dependent ang system mo sa medications mo. Bad kasi yun diba? Anyway, take good care of youself more.

  6. cess says:

    narinig ko na rin yang sakit na parang may potassium deficiency – it must be a shock for you na bigla ka na lang nahihirapan maglakad, sa kalye pa. parang hypertension pala yang sakit na yan in the sense that you have to drink those medicines forever.

  7. phia says:

    ELI!. :d Linked U up already! :D

  8. jlois says:

    pareho kayo ng sakit ng misis ko, ganyan din ang sabi nya sa akin for life na daw ang medication nya unless mag pag radio active sya which na tinutulan ko, paano kaya ko ba ng ganon na isolated sya sa amin lalo na sa anak namin na 3 years old pa lang. But she is doing well naman.

  9. tina says:

    i dont like doctors taking out a part of your glands/body of the sort. kasi they are created for a purpose.. and to get it,..well. i dunno.

    may all go well with you/

  10. Elizar says:

    @tina, yes tina, i couldn’t agree with you more.. kaya lang malfunctioning na eh.. :)

    @jlois, bro sabi nila namamana daw un.. mas common daw female that male.. 1:10 yata.. so swerte pa rin ako, ehehe… 4-7days lang naman ung isolation..

    @cess, yes it was a shock! di ko na nga napansin ung mga taong nakatingin eh.. concern ko is makatayo..

    @mel… yeah, the smaller the dosage the better for me.. dapat nga daw mag ok na after ng medication eh.. pero parang RAI parin ako

    @thansk jenny.. yes i am following her advise religiously…

  11. Karen says:

    Hey Eli~

    Topic lng namin yan sa Neuroanatomy ko ha :) Gosh. anyway, I hope you’ll feel better :)

  12. sexy mom says:

    before RAI, take a second opinion first. God bless.

  13. lito says:

    i juz found out that i got overactive thyroid glands (hyperthyroidsm)the doc prescribe a tablet 4 it but gtg 2 the hosp 4 another blood test & they will take over my treatment..ok lang sana lahat ay ok sa kinabukasan…mabuhay..!

  14. Elizar says:

    im sure we’ll be alright lito…
    hey, congrats! your one male for every 10 female who has hyperthodism! :) im the other 1/10.. :)

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