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comput3r shop update ulit…

We’ve decided to give ourselves a deadline for the opening of our computer shop… That would be February 11, 2007, this coming Sunday.. Para naman, magmadali kmi.. pa-easy easy lang eh… :)

Yesterday, last night, we modified some menus and pricing for cybercafe – that’s our timer software (peke un.. ssshhhh.. :)

We also, well my bro.. made this little advertisement to be posted all over ‘garay.. hehehe… initial draft.. ;) click for larger view

Sana mag ok tong business na ‘to.. binibiro ko nga ung boss ko, sabi ko pag nag click tong business na to, reresign na ko, ma ifull time.. hehehe..

4 Responses to “comput3r shop update ulit…”

  1. MeL says:

    Ang layo naman ng comp shop mo, nasa Bulacan pala. Haha. Gudlak sa business. Pag naging ok yan pwede libre mo ko ng unlimited hours ng DOTA? Haha

  2. aCey says:

    god bless sa re-opening! thanks for the visit!

  3. sasha says:

    Good luck sa opening ng cybercafe! Kaya niyo yan! And tama yung may deadline… otherwise laging “bukas na lang” ang magiging attitude ninyo :)

    God bless, Eli!

  4. Elizar says:

    salamat sa inyo! oo nga, hopefully mag ok ung business… ;)

    Sure Mel, no problem, libre 1hour mo! ;)
    And thanx Sasha… yeah, dapat talaga may deadline… ;) procrastination kasi ugali na ng pinoy.. ;)

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