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Mga Tanong…

The following four questions are designed to test your intelligence. You must respond to these questions immediately without hesitation. Say the first answer that comes into your head. Don’t look ahead…

1: You participate in a race, you pass the runner in second place. Which position are you in now?

Answer: If your answer was first place you are wrong. You pass the runner in second place, so YOU are now in second place.

Spend a little bit more time to think about the next question.

2: If you pass the last person in the race, which position would you be in?

Answer: If your answer was second from last, you would be wrong. Think a little…. How could you pass the last person? If you are behind the last person, then he could not be the last person.

OK, here’s one to test your maths. Don’t make any notes or use a calculator for this one. Good luck!

3: You start with 1,000
Now add 40.
Add another 1,000.
Add 30.
Add 1,000.
Now 20.
Then 1,000 again.
And finally add 10.

What’s the total?

Answer: 5,000??? You’re wrong again!!! The correct answer is 4,100. Try it with a calculator, you’ll see….

Try one more question!!!!

Mary’s father has five daughters:

1. Chacha
2. Cheche
3. Chichi
4. Chocho
5. ????

Question: What is the name of the fifth daughter? Think about it… the answer is below…

Answer: Chuchu??? Wrong!!! Mary, silly!!! Try to understand the question first….

6 Responses to “Mga Tanong…”

  1. ann says:

    Namali ako sa #3…5000 ang sagot ko…hahaha! Yung nabuong 100 nagawa kong 1000….hehehe.

  2. tina says:

    Tricky questions…

  3. mauwy says:

    sagot ko dun sa math question 5,100..wahh sayang hihi

    wala man lang ako tamang answer >.

  4. karmi says:

    hahaha.. aus ung huling question :) Mary nga naman..

    ginawa na po sa akin ng kapatid kong babae ung addition.. at 5000 nga ang nasagot ko! hehehe.. boploks..

    tricky nga ung mga tanong..

  5. cess says:

    hehehe! na-encounter ko na ito noon pa, bagsak ako first time pa lang. hanggang ngayon bagsak pa rin ako. walaaaa, low IQ talaga ako , lol!

  6. sexy mom says:

    my 10-year old enjoyed the quiz. tricky, indeed.

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