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Stephen Matthew is 11 Months Old Today

1 more month and my baby boy will turn 1 year old!

And I don’t know what to do… Am I suppose to thrown in big party for the baby? with clowns and all?

I really don’t know how to host one… And I don’t know what a 1 year old baby bday party is..

Kainis naman…

7 Responses to “Stephen Matthew is 11 Months Old Today”

  1. tina says:

    When I had my first birthday… i had a party.. peroo parang di ko party! haha. kasi naman mga oldies ang nandun eh (mom and dads friends… and relatives)i have two cakes… un lang. not soo big. just a get-together.

    as if i remember! haha kinuwento lang sa akin tapos the pictures also.. haha.

  2. Raquel says:

    Kung ako naman, I want my baby’s first birthday party a good and a memorable one.

    Make the best of it for his first birthday, Eli.

  3. Lalique says:

    hello from Belgium in passing here
    happy valentinday
    happy weekend

    take care :)


  4. Elizar says:

    Hi, Tina, Raqs.. thanks sa suggestion.. Balak ko simple lang (budget-wise) but memorable.. un ang iniisip ko.. kung pano un..? Im sure meron nun… baka family get together din…

  5. Razielle says:

    I didn’t throw a party for my daughter when she turned one. And I got a lot of flak from other people because sabi 1st birthday daw so you’re supposed to make a HUGE deal of it. Kebs, anak ko naman iyo e, paki nila. haha. And it was my daughter’s birthday not MY birthday so why should I feed a gazillion people my daughter don’t know or care about?

    I just didn’t want her to get tired and cranky. I felt she was too young to fully appreciate a party. I knew she wouldn’t really enjoy it. We just had a simple dinner and invited our parents, our siblings and their kids.

    I was at a kid’s 1st birthday party at Jollibee last week and I swear the whole time the kid had a frown on his face. Ha. ha. Siguro kasi it was too noisy and there were too many people.

    Long ass comment! haha.

  6. Elizar says:

    Hi zielle, i was thinking din nga na magfamily dinner or konting miryenda nalang for the bday.. kami kmi lang ng mga brothers and sister and pamangkin ko… send nalang kmi pics sa mga nanay..

    thanks sa pag share..!

  7. sexy mom says:

    don’t panic, he is your baby,and he is too young to even care. how to make it memorable? take pictures, fantasy shots, even a video, make a power point presentation, upload it in the web for all of us to see and appreciate. that will be a lasting memory. and thank the good Lord for the blessing of life!

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