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I’m Still A Virgin

No, silly. Not that kind of virgin.. See my baby up there? The top part of this page? Yes, his mine.

What I mean is this blogging and money thing that everyone is doing (and im just finding out just now)… A virgin in a way na wala akong narereceive na money. (wawa naman ako)

But im no stranger sa google adsense (as a matter of fact i’ve been denied 5 times, shet mga taga google, hehehe), nag start ako jan 2 years ago with razile.com… na unfortunately na forfeit lahat ng clicks, kasi invalid daw.. oh well…

But in the last few days, I’ve been browsing aroung the filipino blogging community, and i think, though slowly, im getting the hang of it.. or at least im trying to copy what their doing.. see the map thing? the tagboard? the ‘best in…’, do you think i was the one who came around with those things… nooohhh… :)

At dahil nagfafamiliarize pa ko sa sistemang ito, i’ll be posting code here from technorati.. Napansin ko lang lahat sila meron nito, so i decided to create one myself and see how it goes.. hehe.. (after this line is the script)

There.. see what happens.

[edit]: ooppsss.. that didn’s work.. sa sidebar pala dapat.. hehe..

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