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Updates… Song of Susannah, Krueger, Sand paper, Coco Plans

Updates, updates…. Today is updates day… 4 days off kasi.. super bakasyon

Update today.. as of 12:42pm after lunch.. kakatapos ko lang maglunch and i want to put everything i can remember here.. since mamaya makakalimutan ko na to… And maya maya, I’ll be driving to Malolos.. Mom requested me to take her there. Why? Derma stuffs…

Anyway, today I got Matthew his educational plan from Cocoplans. Aling Cora dropped by here (as she promised last week) to give me the education plan… Naistobo nya nga ako eh.. I was sandpapering the computer tables in the shop… I got the annual plan for 5 years.. with P37,000 per year.. Will paste the plan she gave me.

Update on the computer shop.. well those people doing the wood work just got finished yesterday, according to Nel who called while we were in SM Marilao. And speaking of SM, here’s what we did… The main reason for me, was to buy myself a power supply for my computer and a silicon casing for my iPod (but bought a plastic case instead). Those two items are related in a way… I wanted to sync my mp3s (from my computer) to my ipod… The thing is, my computer is not starting up.. there was no power in the HDD and the CDROM. (Bought Paint, thinner and masilya for the computer table)

Replaced the power supply (which cost P700 btw) and booted the pc up.. Surprisingly, ayaw pa rin! bwahaha! wala pa ring power ung mga discs… I should have notice this during my previous troubleshooting – took off the data cable (hdd/cdrom) para power lang nakakabit, when i turned on the pc, may power… syempre di nadetect.. I then took the ribbon cable of my bro’s pc.. un, nag power!

But the other problem is still there.. nag rerestart sya after mag login… Tried removing other programs, since booting in safe mode is ok. Some program could not be removed.. I have no registry clearner… so i decided to reinstall windows anyway. After installation, ok na! Time to reinstall programs.. Photoshop, Sony Ericson CD, MS Active Sync, iTunes, Office and other utilities…

Last night, while doing the reinstallation of Windows XP.. i finished the “The Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah” — the story concludes in the Dixie Pig… where sussanah/Mia is suppose to take birth and was taken to the door. Will read the end part again and edit this one.. :D

I will start reading Book 7 soon! Maybe tonight! :)

Last two days, we watched Freddy Krueger – Nightmare on Elm Street – that’s one of my favorite horror movie… well, its the sequel (part 2) but ok na rin un… Maybe tonight we’ll watch the 2nd part. (scared)

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  1. Dingdong says:

    nice blogging ELI, but blogging sometimes eh di ko feel kasi minsan ang privacy mo, nakikita ng lahat..anyway, nice reading d2 sa site mo pare, mas nakikilala kita..

    anyway, i’ve on die cast collection, sana maisali mo rin ako sa blogging articles mo, kung need mo ng pics hehehehe provide kita, thanks and have a good day pren..

    sa work email mo ako kontakin ha or sa yahoo ko

  2. Ey, dingdong! Wazzap?
    Thanks for dropping by pre! Musta Tokin? regards kay Chat/Bino…

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