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iPod Day!

January 22, 2007
Got my (first) iPod today

After office, met up with this guy who’s selling brand new, boxed iPod video!

I’ve been eyeing one of these since I saw one from one of my office mates. Fell in love immediately! As an MP3 player, mas mas dating kasi sakin ito versus sa iPod Nano or other MP3 players (except o2 xda2), though my XDA2 pda/phone does the job quite well (specially with the new HT820 headphone after I upgraded my ROM I’ve been using) but as far as storage is concern (30GB!) and sleek of design, iPod Video fronts the ther guys.

Last night I have to withdraw couple of thousand pesos for this new gadget. As I said, met him up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao fronting Araneta Center… Took it! :)

$250 at Apple

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