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6th Stanza

Song of Susannah update!

So far, so good! Been reading the book since yesterday and Im at the 6th stanza

The books starts where book 5 stops. Can’t really put into words the story so far.. All I have are pictures and scenes on my head. Like an unfinished movie.

The book start at Calla Burgis, where the gunslingers and the elderly discusses the magic of the door in the cave. Eddie is the one most concern since Susannah pass through it. They’re talking about how strong the magic is in that place and if there are able to go through.

There was what they call a Beamquake.. According to Roland (and Henchick) another Beam that holds the tower snapped. There is only two of it that supports the beam.

Sussanah Mia Dean arrived in 1999 New York, stole some shoes. Able to get a room (with the help of the turtle)….

They (Susannah, Mia, Detta) with have a palaver.

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