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It’s My Turn

Hey, remember the Fat Lady I told you about yesterday? How I said she has a lot of face, not having paid the bus fare? We’ll, today I did the same.

Yep, kahiya hiya man, at di ko alam na mangyayari hehe.. I didn’t pay mine.

Here’s the whole story. When I took the bus (North Ave. MRT station area), the bus conductor and the ticket inspector are having discussions and it’s pretty heated up. Apparently, the bus conductor missed to give one passenger a ticket according to the inspector. The conductor persists that he did.

It was like that for few minutes. Neverending discussion.. Walang masyadong sakay.. I think Munoz na di parin nagkakasundo.. Antok na antok ako dahil galing sa night shift diba? Un, so i tried to sleep.. but couldn’t (ingay eh) then, I think the conductor forgot all about me. Kaya un… But just in case he did gave a ticket, I have my fare money on my hand, ready. So, di naman ako mapapahiya… But he didn’t so lusot. That’s the story.

Also tried renewing my license. Went straight sa LTO office. Bumaba ako sa Bagbaguin, PPT gas station and went there. Paid P250 for the drug test. The guy in there, pointed me to the next step w/c is another medical. Tinamad nko, so went to my sister’s office and ask her to finish it for me.. Went home..

Tonight, my sister came home w/o my license.. kaylangan pa nga palang picturan un.. Nyakkkss!!! Oo nga pala! Well, there’s always another day… ;)

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