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January  10, 2007 – Kung mapapansin nyo, pabaliktad na ung post.. kasi naman , kala ko pag nag ‘save’ ako ng draft blog, ma reretain ung date when I created that particular post, un pala maling setting ung nagamit ko… so here it is.. posted today, jan 13 which happened jan 10.

Original plan was to go to HMR first (in Mandaluyong) to look for some second hand monitors (since we only have 8 Samsung LCD monitors at home). Then after that, if nothing is available, Greenhills is next, in E-Square then on to Gilmore for the rest of the parts.

 Di kami natuloy sa HMR, we went straight sa E-Square and inquire for the monitors. Kamalas naman nmin, wala na pala ung maganda gandang CRT monitors. So we decided to go to HRM, after we buy all other parts sa Gilmore. (Pero di din kmi natuloy dun, why? read on).

In Gilmore, inquire kmi ng ibat ibang price sa tabi-tabing stalls. Dami nila! I remember when I was in college (not so long ago un)… back then, the only computer store there was PC Options. Ngayon, wow! grabe,super dami… They even a Mall for IT/Computer and all…

Alright, anyway, we bought most of the stuff sa PC Express (headsets, webcam, video cards, casing, cables, rj45s, mouse and keyboards) and we bought the motherboards sa PC Options… In which I have a very nice story to tell… para lang ma-document.

Since the processor that my brother got from his (now defunct) company are all AMD Athlon 64, we need to have a motherboard with a Socket 939 (s939) – Apparently, that model is being phased out.. wawa naman kmi.. The board was either not available or super mahal ng price.

It took us all day (well 12-8pm) to buy all those things… The last couple of hours are with those Mobo. When my brother finally found a store that has that model and in a much cheaper price, and not to mentioned that they have a stock of 8! Lucky us! We thought that that was it! But to the last minute, sabi nung sales lady, sorry daw, kasi isa lang makukuha namin, kasi wala na stock.. ?! huuwaaatt? what’s that?! Malabo pa sa tubig ng ilog Pasig! Dapat nga ibenta nila un, kasi un ang business nila.. and to think the mobo is obselete in a couple of months.. Ewan!

So I said, can we at least have 2? For myself and my bro? Pumayag naman sya in separate receite. Then we found another model (the first was 6100, this time its 6150), we took another 2. So we have 4.. we are short of 4 mobo. The funny this was, PC Option has two stores. What we did was, we went to the other door! Tapos bumili ulit kmi ng same model ng boards! hehe.. nahuli lang kmi ng sales lady… tumawag sya sa kabila and asked us if we were there awhile ago?.. di naman ako makapag sinungaling, kaya ayun! Bistado! hahaha! So we decided the other model for s939 (meron pala! :hehe:)

Nakaalis kami ng Gilmore around 8pm na siguro… Wala pa rin kaming HSF! Shet! San kya kmi makakahanap nun… Pumunta pa kmi sa apartment ng bro ko.. to get the rest of the stuff.. More LCD monitors (laking gulat pa nga nya, kami may nakatago pa palang isa.. so instead ng 4 CRT monitors to buy, 3 nalang kasi 9 n ung LCD).

Arrived at home around 11:30.. may kasambahay na nga pala kmi.. natulog na rin agad.. hehe…

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