We notice that children are generally stingy when it comes to the food they hold theirs. Not just food though, its whatever thing that they believe is theirs, like lexicon mx 400 if they are into guitar effects.

They keep sole ownership of what was given to them and they don’t give it away. Well, not all of them but most. And not entirely miserly, because they still learn to give under some circumstances.

It’s funny to witness how an adult interacts with a kid by asking him/her of say, food stuffs he/she has. These young children reacts by scowling and hiding their food as if somebody wants to steal it away from him/her. Sometimes, the child may even say a firm “no” that sounds innocently selfish.

As observed and surveyed, we may generalize that most kids are normally stingy. Their behavior is a common reation because they want to keep what they own only to themselves. They are generally self-centered because they have that mindset that it is the name of the game. They feel like they should strive hard to have something.

And of course, we may also want to consider that kids are just kids. They do not know everything yet.

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