EDM (Electro Dance Music) or colloquially referred to as club music, sometimes party music, has finally caught the Philippine attention. While a lot international DJs have been coming in and out of the country for several musical performances over the years, it is only this year that the crowd of spectators have gone larger.

While a lot of people looked forward to and attended the Close Up Summer Forever music test which highlighted three international DJs including world renowned DJ Alesso, a lot of People are also looking forward to Arming Van Buuren’s Arming Only Intense concert this coming May 30.

While most popular DJs are House music producers, van Buuren is promoting a different sub-genre of EDM: Trance. Truth be told, its hard to distinguish the sub-genres but that’s reserved for another topic.

Armin van Buuren is known as the Godfather of Trance. A Deutsch DJ, a graduate of law and one of the most hardworking DJs ever known, this Grammy-nominated, five-time No. 1 DJ hails from Amsterdam, Belgium. He is co-founder of the music label Armada. To have a grasp of Trance and Armin van Buuren, you might want to check out his weekly radio program called A State of Trance.

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