Perception plays a big role in humanity. How people perceived us matters most because its either they get us correctly or might be at the wrong way. And self confidence has a lot to do with this perception. Of course when are confident enough for a certain thing usually there’s a positive feedback but if you are the shy and very conscious type of person then possibly the result will not be in a positive way. So if you’re this type of person how will you be able to be perceived in a way you like it to be by the people around you? Easy, dress up yourself with confidence.

In building up your confidence, the first tip you have to consider is your looks. This has nothing to do with your physical attributes but with the way you dressed yourself. So dress sharp! Yes, your clothes has something to do with it because if you feel not good with what you wear, it changes the way you carry yourself and the way you interact with other people. This simply means that being properly dressed boost up confidence.

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