Many people are driving crazy anytime the bills gone up, sooner or later you’ll end up a job. So how will you support your family? These are the most common scenario of some people.

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After doing all the internet marketing stuff, hit the pull up bars and build some muscles.

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There are many options to choose from if you want to relax your whole body, a steam shower is right for you. We are all facing the everyday stress that can cause us illness if we don’t take care of our health. Usually a steam shower has instant hot water heater.

Steam shower for tired body can also be solutions for acne, did you know that?

Many people all over the world are using the steam shower to relax their tired body and getting the toxins out of your pores. Some people prefer to add a aroma therapy scents for more relaxing effect. To see the best result you can do steam bathing for half an hour and do it routinely to get the most best health benefits.

In some homes a dining room home office is one of the best solutions for a home office. If you have a separate dining room and it’s only used occasionally for meals, then think about using it for your home office. You’ll be using space in your home which would otherwise be used quite infrequently.

Be sure to keep your receipt for future reference like we do for epson receipt printer.

You’ll need to give some extra thought to lighting. Normally you don’t have bright lights in dining rooms, glaring into peoples’ faces. In your quest for good office lighting don’t forget soft background lighting is more relaxing for a dining room. So make sure you keep your background lighting, but if you’re going to use the room as a dining room home office, then you’ll need some task lighting as well. A desk lamps is very useful. They consist of an uplighter to give background light, and one or more lamp sections which can be pivoted to direct the task lighting where it’s needed most.

On my free time, I’ve been cleaning my email messages not to have full inbox alert messages. Because I hate the feeling of being pressured on the time that you are receiving mailbox notification of being full then at the same time your email had been flowing of requirements from your work. So how can you do the two important tasks at the same time without thinking of deleting messages?

What I do is I’m retaining of course important messages and messages that I can use in the future. I delete junk messages as usual. But lately, I had been receiving messages regarding medical coding training courses, which made me interested slightly because of the high demands of jobs in line with the course as you’ve finished it. I smell career shifting here.

I had a hectic day today. Imagine that I used my break time in buying things we needed in house. It’s very convenient that our office is near a mall, that you can buy things immediately especially when needed and important. You don’t need to wait for your office hours to be over before buying something and worse is travelling after just to buy those.

For today, I bought school supplies for my elder children, shop for groceries needed for house and up to the flash drive of my husband. Because he needs more capacity than what we had now for his personal needs. Can you believe I’ve done that within a day, and at the same time, not worrying on my working hours?

After office, we went out again. The original plan was to get and buy that digital camera (or a laptop) that my brother wants, a Sony DSCW300 (no codek requirements). But unfortunately, they were out of stock. Tried looking also for it on BestBuy (we were in Futureshop btw) but the same, nothing.

NCIX was our next destination. Jon apparently wanted to buy that audio/video stereo thingy that Mike and Ever bought, but jon didn’t. Go figures… Ruel did not join us, no utube video there.
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I suppose to post this on my SysAdmin blog, but i felt like I am neglecting this blog lately so I decided to have an update here as well… Although the topic is technical and work-related it’s still personal and still about Eli.

Yesterday we had a few hours workshop (or a presentation if you may) it’s like a training. It’s like a ZFs and zone training (not CDL training).

One of the UNIX guys presented it and he showed us how to make a zone (local zone) from a newly build Solaris 10 server.

Today, the rest of the guys (jon and mike) experimented with it using the DR box while I did the AIX add user script.. which reminds me that I must finish it tonight. :)

It’s time for the Google adsense earnings post again! Why? Because it’s Sunday? Why? Because I want to! Why? Because I remembered and because there’s not much to do in a homestay home… No more questions.

Remember my first week adsense earning? Yeah, it’s a little over $80.. well, better check out this week’s moolah! Performance was better, I actually got the $1/hour thing! Sometimes it’s over that! Why? well, I have had a few more than $24 see? It’s $28, it’s $27.. something like that.

Alright enough mouth watering, suspence filled introduction, check out this week’s earning! So far, it’s on the track:

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Yep, that’s tonight.. February 09, 2008.

Why? Coz it’s our last day of work… We’ll have our 4 days rest days, and we’ll be back by February 14.. eh may bisita, bawal mag celebrate. Another thing is we’ll be morning shift by then.. that’s why tonight is Valentine’s Day night here at the OC


Lack Of Posts

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I’m really really sorry for not being so vigorous on doing regular post for this blog in the past couple of days.

LOTS of things are going inside my head! (Plus, I’ve been busy.)

I’ve checked my last post and it has only been three days since I last made an entry… 3 days… Feels like 3 weeks!

What happened for the past days?

Well, the only big thing that happened to me was December 19, mother ship’s super Christmas party. Side A was there, Mocha, Amanda Griffin and couple of hunk dudes (not including myself).

December 19 was mother ship’s party, tonight it’s just OC – Operation Center. I’ll be there.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to work after more than 12 days leave. Night Shift. I think I’ll be posting regularly starting then…

Asking Wife to Blog

Currently asking my wife to write for me for my other blog.

If you think 2 days of not posting is too long, you should see my Fatherhood blog and pinoy banda and sysadmin blogs… They are almost dead… :( And to think that those are the ones that have adsense in it…

She doesn’t want to.

What she wants though is a new domain and a good web hosting company. I’ve checked for a couple of possible picks. It’s a guide for choosing the right web host perfect for personal or small business use.

Or I could still stick with Marvin’s.

I’m also looking for opportunities such as car insurance stuff> :)

I almost missed a post today… I’ve been busy manning the computer shop the whole day.

Anyway, my 11days off from work is almost over now. I’ll be going to work on the 22nd of December. Little adjustment on my side, specially we’ll be doing graveyard shift the whole month of December.

Which reminds me that there are news lately saying that working night shift causes cancer! There are artcles dated back to 2005, saying that night shift workers are more prone to have breast cancer. Though these are unproven then, there are studies being done about it and new results are coming out.

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