Many people assume that only humans need some solitude and a place where to get away from stressful environment in everyday living. But for your information, puppies also need it badly. Like humans, puppies also need some relaxing place to stay.

If you been successful in anything like cigar auctions or anything, you know how great the feeling is.

If you do successfully on how to crate train a dog, then it provide what your puppies need. Puppies also got sick and this is the best place for them to rest and recover after the veterinary check up them. Crate training provide wide advantages for puppies and puppy-owner too. So don’t try to miss it out!

If you want a simple formula on how to attract Asian women, then you must understand that you have to always be on yourself and do the right thing. One important thing is your personal hygiene. Asian women want their men to be look good all the time.

Don’t go give here sweet cigars or any type of smoke.. it’s minus points.

You aren’t going to be able to attract women if you don’t practice goof hygiene. The sense of smell is one of the strongest builders of attraction, and smell memory is stronger than any other sense. Taking care of your hygiene means washing properly, shaving, brushing your teeth, and keeping your clothes and hair clean as well.

Some of us are not aware that baby car seats are legally required all over the world. If you really care about your little one then you should buy this. In today’s world, this seats is a must have accessory like pacifier and diapers.

Don’t just protect your Fendi bags, protect you babies too. :)

Though, you may allow your kids to wear a seat belt if they are old enough. The baby car seats will is perfectly designed for young-infants and the rear-facing position that is safest for them. Most infant seats can only be used for babies that weigh less than 20 pounds. If you use an infant seat and your baby reaches 20 pounds before his first birthday, then you will have to get a convertible seat and use it in the rear-facing position for a while.

Every mother should know the importance of prenatal vitamins when conceiving. The very first day of being pregnant is very important itself. And so as its first quarter. It is the very crucial stage of pregnancy that we need to take effort as much as we could to develop our child inside the best that we should.

We, mothers, should need to drink milk as well to strengthen their bones. If possible we need to let them hear music as early as that time. Speak to our child inside, to hear what her mother’s voice is. Let them know what beautiful things are outside waiting for them. So that they will be prepared on what the world will bring them.


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I had been very conscious on my skin nowadays. Especially when we are aging, we can never have the same smooth and flawless skin we had during our stress free days. As our problems getting complicated, the more times we are prone to constant worry. I am one those who are under pressure.

It shows with my pimples showing on my face that were never there. I used to have pimple free skin. That’s why I’ve been also trying home remedies for acne. But sometimes I need to see experts as well, because my skin is so sensitive that I’ve failed once I had this common treatment made by other people, which is not for me to try that urgent.

We have different types of insurance. There are life insurances, auto insurances, etc. but now that I heard of business insurance. Of course this is insurance plan for your business only. It’s kinda risky that you’re investing also in your investments. Did you get it?

Having a business first needs investment already. You need capital on your products, place (if you’ll be renting), equipments needed, etc. So expensive, yet, in order for you to take smaller worries, you need to put expenses on having fit and credible business insurance as well. Now we’re talking business here.

Being a mother of four children (admin note: the one talking here is rhea :), I’m very lucky to have raised them healthy and smart which is of course I’m very proud of. I’m very fortunate as well to learn from the start that we can begin molding our child from taking prenatal vitamins before giving them vitamins after birth.

I also read that the first quarter of conceiving is the most important stage in pregnancy that’s why I really do my best to give them all that they need when they were still in my stomach up to now which I can recall my mother had given us, so that I can say that we had protection on growing up. And I also thank my Nanay for that! (Wink, wink!)

Everybody is afraid of getting older. That we can’t do anything about but whatever changes we will encounter especially hair loss, we plan to have treatment on in as much as possible.

Someone that is looking for treatment for hair loss doesn’t also mean it’s someone old. Even younger people search for it because sometimes it runs in the family. As a matter of fact, everyday we had hair falls, but it is not usual if our hair falls 10 times as what it should be, then we really need cure for it.

Here’s a cool tip to find out if you’re chat mate is off-line or just in invisible mode (or worst, enabled the ‘Stealth mode’ so you wouldn’t bother him). :)

There’s actually 4 ways of finding that out. Let’s enumerate and explain/test the best one, shall we?

  • Doodle IMvironment
  • Voice Chat
  • Conference Invitation
  • Stealth Setting Check

Doodle Invironment

Select the “Doodle IMvironment”, go look for it in the usual IMviroment part of YM (come on you know where it is).

“If the user is offline, the Doodle area will show “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously”.. its like a whiteboard with writings on it.

But if the user is online (i.e. invisible) after a few seconds you’ll get a blank screen and ready to “Doodle”

Voice Chat

Try inviting the person who ‘appears offline’. If you get an error like “Internal Error. Cannot obtain voice token to start voice chat” or something similar, the user user is indeed off line.

But if there’s no error and it continues to work (you know, with the “talk” and “hands free” enabled and not grayed out) the user is hiding from you! :)

Conference Invitation

This is the same thing as the “Voice Chat” method. You’ll get an error if he’s offline and if he isn’t, you’ll be able to ad him in the conference.

Stealth Setting Check

This is my favorite… So easy to use. All you have to do is enter his YM ID and done. He’s either online or offline.

Here’s a few services (last time I checked, they have errors, except he last one)



I am so new with this Social Bookmark sites! Like I said before, if I had known that this will greatly increase my backlinks (and consequently win the SEO contest on Google) I would have definitely used it to my advantage!

Social Bookmarking

Generally and in traditional term, a bookmark is something that helps you remember a specific page on a book, right?

Social Bookmarking in computer/internet terms refers to managing, i.e. store, organize and manage bookmarks of internet pages using services such ass Digg, Delicious, Reddit and others.

Why Use Social Bookmarks?


Like I said, I’m new with this social bookmarking thing. I just spent the whole night registering to some of the high Page Ranked Social Bookmarking site on the web.

Remember, if you’re going to create back links on your post, better do it on a site with PR4 and up!

Here’s a list of Social Bookmarking sites where I created an account last night… Number in brackets means Google PR.

  1. Blinklist (7)
  2. Furl (7)
  3. Backflip (6)
  4. Bibsonomy (6)
  5. LinkaGoGo (6)

There are a lot more on that list! And I will continue to create an account to all of them.. Will post the complete list soon too…

If you want to know all of them (or most of them) on future post, you may subscribe to my feeds. Or enter your email and it will be delivered straight to your inbox!


video conversionYou can’t. I’m sorry, but Pocket PC as of this writing is not capable of playing FLV files nor it has a third party application that can do it. This is what I’ve discovered whey trying to play some download music video from Yoube on my XDA Zinc Pocket PC.

What Are FLV Files?

Basically, FLV files are flash video files. You’re maybe familiar with other flash video type, the .swf. Well, surprise! There are two types of flash video – FLV and SWF.

SWF are the traditional Flash videos while FLV are enhanced videos that are used in sites like Google Video or YuTube. These files (flv) from youtube and google videos can be downloaded and therefore would be very cool if we’re able to play it on our XDA Zinc! (And show off to people on the bus or MRT! :)

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blogger logoI have lots and lots of blog mates using blogger. I even have a few of my own blogs hosted in it (but not that active anymore). Check out my links page to see my list of blogger blogmates. I used to visit all of those blogs everyday to check if there are some updates or some interesting kwento, and geesh that would take hours to complete!

And then I learn about RSS subscriptions!

Big Big Time Saver

Imagine getting updates on new post for (all) blogs on one page/location! That is one big time saver! You’ll be able to read your blogmates post without having to visit each of their site!

And with that, I want to share my current list of (pinoy) blogs that I am currently subscribe to (I may misplaced some on other folders).

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