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I guess many people don’t realize just how profitable the hosting business is just like they dont know tanning bed lotion. At a glance it doesnt matter, the don’t care. However, if you’ll just only give much of your time to view some benefits of being a Top Reseller Hosting then you’ll realize how it is.

Facebook appears to have made a third acquisition — this one smaller than its two previous buys. What’s more, Facebook has shut down the company’s service immediately.

Octazen is a Malaysian company comprising two employees. It provides scripts to import a user’s contacts into a website upon sign up, reports Gigaom.

Yep, along with some Addidas apparel and my mom’s bag, today I bought for my lovely wife here dream TV – a high-defintion TV with display capability of 1080p. The model? It’s a 47LG50, yes it’s from LG.

Bought it today at Futureshop. They have it on sale! If you’re going to buy this kind of TV in the Philippines get your Php 120,000+ ready coz it is really constly in manila. Here it’s a little over a thousand canadian dollar.

Here’s me preparing to load the TV in my homestay parents van.


Here’s the store:

Thanks to Jonathan for the photos.
This aint no fantastic outdoor furniture or outdoor furniture covers but still, it’s the best!

mysql database Jonathan Schwartz’ (Chief Executive Officer and President of Sun Microsystems) announced yesterday from his blog that Sun has acquired Mysql AB, the company behind the widest used open sourced database platform, Mysql.

It was reported that the open source database was bought for approximately $1 billion. A price suitable for Mysql.

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asus eee PCI’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about Asus’ cute little notebook called the Eee PC. I even have an office mate who bought one couple of weeks ago. Though I heard there’s a pink one, she bought the white cute little one.

There are lots of hacks and programs and things you can do with the Eee PC. But let’s talk about the hardware and specs…

All the units have a 900MHz Intel Celeron processor. They also have 802.11b/g wireless LAN. It has an Intel GMA 900 graphics processor (integrated) that I’ve heard can run quiet number of games or videos.

The screen size is 7-inch 800×480 LCD with LED backlight. I haven’t tried using it in different lighting, word of mouth says that it does a pretty good job too.

It also has a built-in webcam, microphone, and stereo speakers. It’s like really having a desktop or a real ‘grown up’ laptop.

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smart bro internetl Smart Communications recently launched their Smart Bro Plug It. Now you can bring your internet connection anywhere you go… (Sure, sure.)

Anywhere Broadband is their tag line and is what they claim. I say, change to Anywhere Internet.

Since this technology uses 3G, I think this broadband thing will only be available for those places with 3G signal. Take our home town for example, video (3G) call is not possible. Walang signal sa bundok na probinsya namin. :D

Anyway, here’s another catch for Smart’s Plug It, wireless internet:

Qouting Smart

The plan includes Internet usage of 40 hours per month, and P10 every 30 minutes in excess thereof.

40 hours per month internet for P799! Do the math bro (or don’t just look at the numbers).

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ford car companyThis is the next best thing to KITT, (Knight Industries Two Thousand), that speaking car David Hasselhoff drove in the now defunct TV series ‘Knight Rider’.

America’s car company, Ford and America’s technology leader, Microsoft, when they join forces all things are possible.

Here are some of the cool things that the new Ford cars (released Fall 2007) can do with the power of Microsoft:

  • Bluetooth streaming audio
  • Audible Text Message
  • Conference Calling
  • Contact listing
  • Voice activated hands-free music
  • Compatible with most media player
  • Dial by voice
  • Caller log
  • Caller ID
  • Multilingual
  • Automatic Phone book transfer

Also, check out this nice video advertisement from yutube after the jump…

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Have you tried using Remote Administrator? or any variant of VNC? or Windows’ own Remote Desktop (mstsc)? It’s great to control remote computer doesn’t it?

Well, good news to you! Here’s another cool application that you can add to your favorite remote access softwares! RemotePC!

RemotePC  is one of the leading remote access solution for PCs. You can access your home and office PCs from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

This is perfect for System Administrator who are always on call and need to access their computer or server from home… and vice versa of course.
Remote PC works on all windows operation system including Vista.

yun lang.

I have been a Linux fan for some time now, starting from (then free and open source) Red Hat Linux 6. When Red Hat Linux 9 was released in 2004 it was the last Red Hat version to be distributed by Red Hat (company) giving way to Red Hat Enterprise Server.

The end of life of Red Hat 9 was the beginning of the Fedora Legacy Project. It is a community-supported open-source project to provide security and critical bug fix errata package updates for versions of Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core no longer officially supported by Red Hat

For those who are not aware Fedora is the spin off of the infamous Fedora Core project from Red Hat.

Fedora 8 Project

And now, after the released of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, here comes the new Fedora code named Werewolf (with a ‘Thriller’ Announcement), the latest and most robust free and open source software available.

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The Joint Photographic Experts Group, those people who created the JPEG image standard has already approved the new JPEG format for images called JPEG XR – and it’s from Microsoft.

Since 2006, Microsoft has been promoting HD Photo, the image format that they would like to be the future image standard format that people will use in digital photo. Back then the format was called Windows Media Photo.

Looks like Microsoft got what it wants hen the JPEG Group announced that the new JPG format is based on their High Definition Photo format, which by the way is built into Microsoft Windows Vista.

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The ubiquitous image manipulation software from Adobe SystemPhotoshop – will soon have an online version.

Photoshop Express online photo-editing tool will be completed in 2008. But you wont have to wait that long. The Beta version is set to be released before the year ends!

Here are some of what Photoshop Express can do (for now as Beta):

  • Removed red-eye,
  • Cropping,
  • Adjust Color Tones
  • Hues

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Google pump gagsGoogle really wants to, dare I say it… Rule The World! Or at least leave their presence everywhere we go.

We know that Google in the leader in online search, that Google owns Feedburner, Blogger, Jaiku and others (see a list of Google Services and Application), then there’s the Google Phone (gPhone) and the latest post I shared about you guys is the Linux OS with Google Applications – the gOS.

And if that’s not enough, here’s the newest venture of Google – Google at Gas Stations!

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