This is how people call it because life is a circle that keeps going round and round. If you feel that you have been losing consistently, think again. Change is the only constant and what looks like your downfall today might change in a moment.

Most people assume that when they fail, it is the end of everything. Such baseless thoughts lead to low self-esteem and even suicide. Consider everything as a challenge and keep moving forward.

The more you walk out of the darkness, the closer you will be to light. As they say, Keep Calm and Carry On!

After all none of us yearns to face our own mortality, and making out a last will and testament is certainly not a pleasant task. It is one of the most important thing that we should spend our time to create a will. If you’re not aware, this important document is vital to protect your family and your property in the event of an untimely death.

In writing your will, make a request for your relatives to study vigorously the fat burner reviews specially if you suspect that you’ll die of obesity.

So if you’re now decided to create a will for the benefit of your family, but still don’t have any idea on how to start, then you can have a free last will and testament forms then ask for the help of attorney to make it legalized.

Every mother should know the importance of prenatal vitamins when conceiving. The very first day of being pregnant is very important itself. And so as its first quarter. It is the very crucial stage of pregnancy that we need to take effort as much as we could to develop our child inside the best that we should.

We, mothers, should need to drink milk as well to strengthen their bones. If possible we need to let them hear music as early as that time. Speak to our child inside, to hear what her mother’s voice is. Let them know what beautiful things are outside waiting for them. So that they will be prepared on what the world will bring them.

Just looking on a life insurance quote makes me feel secured in the future itself. But when you are starting to pay it on whatever terms you can, it will take you 5 years as average insurance term of paying. Whew that it will take you quite sometime as well in paying then waiting for the plan to mature.

Having one really is very risky. Because you will never know in that span of time what could happen, thinking on the insurance company’s part first. Would it be stable for years? But in the contrary, on your part as plan holder, what could happen if you’re not yet secured still? So, you really need a very wise thinking on deciding to get or not to get? That is the question!

Being a mother of four children (admin note: the one talking here is rhea :), I’m very lucky to have raised them healthy and smart which is of course I’m very proud of. I’m very fortunate as well to learn from the start that we can begin molding our child from taking prenatal vitamins before giving them vitamins after birth.

I also read that the first quarter of conceiving is the most important stage in pregnancy that’s why I really do my best to give them all that they need when they were still in my stomach up to now which I can recall my mother had given us, so that I can say that we had protection on growing up. And I also thank my Nanay for that! (Wink, wink!)

Another Innerchild post here… While my brother is busy doing the reinstallation and reconfiguraiton of the client computer in the computer shop, I did a simple banner to be printed in tarpaulin.

check out the banner here

I was going to help him with the PC but I was pretty busy with Matt and Sean.. Eula, the girl who do the clothes resigned and I was left here helping with the kids.. And tomorrow I have to go to work… I guess I will have to help when I do WFH.

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Serious? Nah!, originally uploaded by elizarpalad.

I just included this blog, everything eli, to one of the blogs that my Flickr site can post directly into.

Yes. So from now on, if you see a blog post, talking about a particular photo, that picture is from Flickr and that post is directly made inside the Flickr page!

Cool isn’t it?!

Anyway, this picture was take after my brother’s wedding last December 7, 2008. That’s me in the middle (in case you don’t know)… on my right is the youngest, Dennis (Econ). On my left is the groom, Nelson (Nel) and of course our Ate (Econ)

We’re a little pooped out in this photo. We are all tired by this time.. Look at me.

Magaling na si Sean and he’s doing good.. Still serious but he is all well.. Thank you God.

Yesterday he’s all fever-free… When the afternoon came I was afraid that he will get sick again.. fortunately he’s didn’t… And now he’s doing great.

I’m working from home today and will be going there in a minute.. i love working at home, no commute, no pollution and I get to see my boys frequently in one day… Plus I can go to redtube and see something new.. Kidding!

anyyway, check out my new tv blog and movie blog.. kung free kayo.

**As for me I’ll be free this weekend.. maybe me and the wife (with the boys) could go malling to look for that perfect bar stools, or sofa or something.

I’ve only been here no more than 2 week (Burnaby Canada) but the homesickness is almost unbearable kung sanay ka ng kasama at kalaro ang mga bata…

Good thing my wife uploads videos of our boys laughing… instead of taking the loniless away, mas nainip pa.

Here the utube video.. kakainip..

Happy happy “23rd” birtday to my lovely and darling wife! (23? that means I’m only 27 years old!)

Thanks very much for sticking with me and for believing in me.. I’ll always love you neyko.. (naks, check the video on Yuotube!)

And since it’s your special day, I’m thinking of buying you that ‘thing’ that you’ve been requesting me for the past who-knows-how-many-months. :D…

When I come back from our Canada trip I’m going to take you to Market Market and i will buy you that cool looking LCD TV! How’s that for a gift huh? hehehe

Everything I do, I do ’em for my boys and you. Loveyou – my own personal qoutes.

What a super late post! What’s happening to me?! This super exciting happening in my life must not kept waiting in the draft for more than a day, man!

I haven’t published this ‘pasalubong’ post in days!

Anyhu…. My brother got back from New Yok last May 26, 2008. Got there around 12:00nn, and he’s been waiting for us there in almost an hour na pala! hehehe,

Anyway, on with the pasalubong.. He gave me a couple of I ‘heart’ new york shirts! and my matthew and sean too! pretty cool! Now we can all go out and wear the same identical shirts! How cool is that!

Some other pasalubongs are The Beatles Anthology Volume 2 CDs, Camera (Canon DC22) with stand na this time, May Pang’s Instamatic Karma, John Lennon piano book, Across The Universe DVD and soundtrack! Nice one!

And I’m currently enjoying each of ’em now… For the misus, she’s not expecting a handcrafted jewelry, but she do expects a pasalubong too.. :D she got a pink New York bag! :D

Picture on next post.. :)

Hey, if you have time, I’m more active on my other blog

My brother will be coming back home from New Yok tomorrow. We’ll be picking him up around 12 noon at the airport… (not sure if he’ll be in Ninoy Aquino International Airport or at the new terminal).

Good thing there’s no work tomorrow (one of 4 rest days). Everyone’s excited, I got myself another set of books and DVD.. as always..

Lois is also excited, who bought for herself a new Fossil lady’s wrist watch… too bad she haven’t heard about the Lange Sohne, which are so elegant looking with cool leathery design! :)

Nice eh?

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