So do you want to earn money online? The reseller hosting is a great option to choose from because of the convenience it can provide you. Through reselling hosting you own and manage a website in just one account for one price only.

There are actually lot of Top Reseller Hosting available now. This is because of the high technology thaw was continously arising every now and then. Another good thing about reselling is that it's a value added feature if you have existing business. Your reselling hosting is what we called the "business". Remember that as a host reseller, you need to be as competitive as you can.

PS: hey, for a techie girlfriend, this is a great valentines day gifts.

No one can deny that by using and exploring the internet, it provide us multiple advantage like as it can be source to our income. If you’re aware with web hosting, this is the secret jewels of internet. Where some business minded people working to create money.

I guess many people don’t realize just how profitable the hosting business is just like they dont know tanning bed lotion. At a glance it doesnt matter, the don’t care. However, if you’ll just only give much of your time to view some benefits of being a Top Reseller Hosting then you’ll realize how it is.

Just looking on a life insurance quote makes me feel secured in the future itself. But when you are starting to pay it on whatever terms you can, it will take you 5 years as average insurance term of paying. Whew that it will take you quite sometime as well in paying then waiting for the plan to mature.

Having one really is very risky. Because you will never know in that span of time what could happen, thinking on the insurance company’s part first. Would it be stable for years? But in the contrary, on your part as plan holder, what could happen if you’re not yet secured still? So, you really need a very wise thinking on deciding to get or not to get? That is the question!

We have different types of insurance. There are life insurances, auto insurances, etc. but now that I heard of business insurance. Of course this is insurance plan for your business only. It’s kinda risky that you’re investing also in your investments. Did you get it?

Having a business first needs investment already. You need capital on your products, place (if you’ll be renting), equipments needed, etc. So expensive, yet, in order for you to take smaller worries, you need to put expenses on having fit and credible business insurance as well. Now we’re talking business here.

Even though the prices of gasoline keeps soaring up, people still use their cars in going to the office or wherever.

Cars are part of our life. This is some sort of a necessity. If people will continue to patronage cars, having a car parts business or mechanical or electrical car parts is a good choice. I’m not taking about expensive, luxury cars or Ferrari parts, but for ordinary cars online.

I think if I have the money, i would go for it.. wouldn’t you?

Here’s another internet business idea for the wanting… I know a lot of people who love pets, dogs specially, so why not a business about dog supplies?

My sister and her husband are doing dog breading, they are a potential customer for dog supplies. I have an ex office mates who are into dogs too… my current work, current office, I also know someone there that would benefit for some doggy foods and doggy soaps and doggy accessories.

How about for an online internet business? After all, internet users are the ultimate customers! Well looking at the website competition, there are a lot and it will be hard to break the market:

Results 1 – 10 of about 22,900,000 for dog supplies.

Doing a Googel trends versus Marian Rivera is almost same but considering the density of website in the internet, it is hard:

What happened today? It’s Sunday, a slow, sweet, sunny sunday…

We are planning to relaunch the productivity of our computer shop business – Innerchild computer system.

My bro already did the re-installation and configuration of the main host.. with deep freeze and cybercafe timer..

When I left kanina, the personnel is setting up the menu…

I’ll be cloning them tomorrow…

update: of course for some unknown reason, that didn’t happen… the cloning that is.. I was actually expecting to do that. Why? Well, with that much work, and this much fat.. that is one sure way of knowing that I will loose ’em.. I don’t need any Ephedrasil hardcore to take them off for me.

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solar powered chargerSure there is! One of my favorite eco friendly products are those solar-powered devices that doesn’t use any gasoline or external power that burns fuel etc etc.. which by the way is bad for the environment.

There are many companies our there that offers those kinds of eco products. One of which is offers hundred of eco friendly products. They also help support environmental charities such as Oceana and Healthy Child Healthy World

The Solar Powered Charger

Anyway, before digging deeper to what the company do, I want to focus on this amazing product. It has the following capabilities..

  • Cigarette lighter plug available as an adaptor on the go for another charging alternative
  • Suction Cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces
  • Weatherproof panel allows for use on boats, while camping or any inclement weather
  • Suction cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces in any area, particularly hard to reach spaces

Cool eh. This and other cool eco friendly products are available in website. Go check it out!

Everything Eli To Give away $50Yes, you can win $50! Not in cash pala, but in cold cold paypal money! You get as much as $50 in an instant if you win! :)

The very good thing about Paypal in the Philippines is that you can now easily send money with just a click of a mouse!

And now, Everything Eli will take advantage of it and will give away some to my feed subscribers, to my blogmates or to the blog community!

More detail after the jump…

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inner child computer systemOctober is Inner Child Computer System’s 8th month in operation and I can say that it is still doing good.

Tempus fugit.

A few months more and we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. It feels like we’ve only been around for a couple of months. I can still even remember the opening day, we’re not even ready with all the games (until now.)

Inner Child Services

The Internet / LAN shop offers the following services:

  • Computer rentals
  • Internet surfing
  • Chat
  • Online games
  • LAN Games
  • Printing (documents)
  • Photo Printing
  • Desktop publishing / layouting
  • CD Burn
  • Typing and Research
  • Office supplies

What we don’t currently have though is scanning services or a duplex document scanner for document or photo scanning.

Types of Scanner

For everyone’s information (and I’m sure you guys know about this already), there are many types of scanner. Here is a small list:

  • Flatbed scanner – this is the most common of them all. It looks like small photo copier (xerox machines)
  • Sheetfed scanner – if flatbet can be compared to a xerox machines, sheetfed is for fax machines.
  • Slide scanner – this dedicated scanner is used for small (35mm) slides.
  • Drum scanner – this is the most high-end choice. It uses photomultiplier tubes (PMTs)

What we’re planning to purchase is the flatbed type. Aside from it’s the most common scanner (for both home and LAN shop use) it’s the cheapest and gets the job done.

Anyway, I’m not familiar with the other type anyway.

The Duplex Document Scanner

And so, with all that intro, we come to the main topic – the ScanShell 3000DN.

The ScanShell 3000DN is a duplex document scanner. This device offers the following features and benefits:

  • Standard USB 2.0 interface
  • Recognized by Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Able to scan 6 page per page
  • 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution

A cheap, 2 octave keyboard is what I’ve been eying for some months now. This is both for personal use and for the soon-to-be Innerchild Amateur Band Rehearsal thing.

If you’ve been in any SM malls lately (at least a few months now) you’ll probably see those small stalls selling cheap guitars and electronic keyboards and other imitation musical instruments… I’m planning to buy one of those.

Nowadays you can buy almost anything online, including guitars, drums and keyboards. Too bad I spent most of my blog money on ebay. :) If I had some extra bucks, I would check out Amazon or Ebay or for these items that I am planning to buy.

But till then, it’s time earn some more blog money. :)

trend micro pc cillin 2007I have 3 days to clean up these virus outbreak we’re experiencing right now at this puny internet/LAN shop that we have.


Last time, tried installing a fresh copy of Windows XP on a clean drive, installed Grisoft’s AVG Free antivirus and (slaved) scanned an infected disk from one of the computer. AVG says it’s infected with the Brontok.L worm.

The antivirus apparently ‘healed’ the worm, but a day after (or probably a few hours after), those pesky EXE files are back!

The Plan B

Well, there is no plan B…  What I just did was perform and online scan on Housecall and downloaded Trend Micro’s PC Cillin Internet Security 2007. 

During PC Cillin’s installation, it refuses to continue until AVG is removed from the system. Installer said that it’s not compatible with AVG (come on, talk about competition). So, AVG was removed and installation continues. After the registration, it started downloading update and immediately found the Rontkbr.Gen worm infecting a few many files.

Apparently, Brontok is Rontkbr.Gen for PC Cillin.

What now?

Well, I’m installing the free 30-day trial of PC Cillin on 3 computers including the timer/server. Still currently downloading. The result so far looks promosing. Let’s see what happens next…

It’s 10:31pm.. and it’s going to be a pretty long night….

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