The concept of blogging has evolved into something more productive and global because it has the potential become a reliable revenue stream for the user. While it is all about personal thoughts, when those ideas are interesting to read, people will eventually start following the posts made by the person.

It’s just a matter of time before it can lead to something huge and it might even become a full time job for the individual. Choose a topic that you adore the most, enjoy your writing and blogging can be the best source of outlet for your inner feelings. You may hardly run out of ideas because the world is huge. Just explore.

As a final note before I head over ot, blogging is a serious business.

Many people are driving crazy anytime the bills gone up, sooner or later you’ll end up a job. So how will you support your family? These are the most common scenario of some people.

However, don’t worry because if your passion is about writing. or if you have interest about writing article or you’re a Journalist in your student life. Then why not start make money from internet through blogging. Internet can provide us a wide range of benefits including earning money in our convenience. In the event you enjoy writing, and may write shortly on a variety of matters, this could be the proper job for you.

After doing all the internet marketing stuff, hit the pull up bars and build some muscles.

No one can deny that by using and exploring the internet, it provide us multiple advantage like as it can be source to our income. If you’re aware with web hosting, this is the secret jewels of internet. Where some business minded people working to create money.

I guess many people don’t realize just how profitable the hosting business is just like they dont know tanning bed lotion. At a glance it doesnt matter, the don’t care. However, if you’ll just only give much of your time to view some benefits of being a Top Reseller Hosting then you’ll realize how it is.

Anyone here knows a group here in the Philippines that do backpacking? For those who don’t know, backpacking is almost synonymous with hiking but more adventurous I guess.

Anyway, we know that there tons of group about mountaineers, but is there any group out there that do backpacking?

Why am I asking about it? Well, it’s not that important actually. I just found this website that do European backpacking. The folks that visit the site are US guys that want to go to Europe, cross country and do that thing they called as backpacking.

Do you spend a couple of minutes or even hours playing Flash Games online? I know I had been in that stage in my computer life. Most of the games that I played either came from email chains or saw it from some website.

I notice that many of my online friends are into flash games too! When I say ‘into flash games’, I am not only saying that they are playing but they are actually making money from it!

Hence, the new project of Everything Eli has started… Addicting Flash Games! is the newest website that I am building. The site basically is a collection of freely available flash games. These flash games are categorized. Currently I classified it by type of games, that is, sports, puzzle, action etc.

After the initial setup and aesthetic, I’ll pass it over to my folks, to my bloggers!

Good luck to the new one.. Addicting Flash Games!

Facebook appears to have made a third acquisition — this one smaller than its two previous buys. What’s more, Facebook has shut down the company’s service immediately.

Octazen is a Malaysian company comprising two employees. It provides scripts to import a user’s contacts into a website upon sign up, reports Gigaom.

Believe it or not this is my second post for this one. Something went wrong on the first one while I was on the bus this morning.

Anyway, I talked about the most famous porn site in the internet and how much popularity it achieved in the last few years.. I mentioned then that redtube, being that young and all have achieved an amazing amount of traffic that almost surpassed the king, yuoporn and how the old ones like which has been around for a while but did not gardnered traffic compared to the big ones.

Anyway, next post we’ll talk about and discuss why such websites are getting more and more popular.

Here’s another internet business idea for the wanting… I know a lot of people who love pets, dogs specially, so why not a business about dog supplies?

My sister and her husband are doing dog breading, they are a potential customer for dog supplies. I have an ex office mates who are into dogs too… my current work, current office, I also know someone there that would benefit for some doggy foods and doggy soaps and doggy accessories.

How about for an online internet business? After all, internet users are the ultimate customers! Well looking at the website competition, there are a lot and it will be hard to break the market:

Results 1 – 10 of about 22,900,000 for dog supplies.

Doing a Googel trends versus Marian Rivera is almost same but considering the density of website in the internet, it is hard:

There’s a new TV series that I want to watch… (well, it’s not new because it’s in their 3rd season) but The Tudors’ season 3 premier is tomorrow night! And I just found about the show yesterday, hence it is new to me.

What is Tudors all about?

APparently it’s about the young Kind Henry VIII… Who’s King Henry VIII? I have no idea. :) They said that the shows is about ancient times, but who knwos that they might as well have shoot in any Westgate hotels right?

I have been talking about installing a carputer, a carpc or a computer pc on my car for some time now.. I’ve been mentioning it to some of my blogs and surprisingly, I haven’t mention about it here yet.

Well, I am writing about it now. As you know, I bought my first car using money from blogging. Also, my brother has setup his carpc on his mistubishi few months back. I wanted the same thing on my Mazda, hence I will be putting one on it… with a little help from him

Anyway, the carPC will function just like a computer (yeah, but it’s inside a car). It will play DVD, mp3, surf the internet, navigate around with GPS, able to read memory cards, ipods and other external media.

This is going to be great! If you want to get updated with my CarPC project, visit my CarpC Blog.. I will be documenting stuff in there real soon!

I’ve blogged this in my Father and sons blog.. That was an all about kawasaki syndrome disease.

I was curious what that sickness was so I decided to search and know about it… The number one page for that words, kawasaki syndrome was wikipedia and some other health oriented websites and system memory related diseases.

ANyway, I still feel sorry for John Travolta for losing his teenage son.

There’s a utube video of Jett Travolta, not sure if that’s the one.

Ang galing ng technology ngayon diba? If your working in a corporate company, or even in a small office with KJ na IT, I am sure that they have set up a firewall blocking ports belonging to Facebook, Frienster, Myspace , Yutube and others.

But no matter how hard they work, there are always people who will find a way and hack their way back in updating their profiles in the said social networking websites.

Like the proxy websites for example… no matter how smart their firewalls are, meron pa ring proxy for them..

Here are some proxy website that you might want to use if you’re work network block facebook, friendster and others..

Use it brother, may it serve you well…

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