The developments in technological innovation are quite simply amazing. There are actually millions of people that like to read and the cutting edge Kindle makes it much simpler and more enjoyable. The new Kindle 3G is starting to become one of the most well known ways to read all those latest books which are being released. This should come as no real surprise as the digital path seems to be the way of the whole world. Many people were happy a few years ago when the first Kindle emerged on the market. People were happy to use a wireless device to read their books. It could be powered by a nimh rechargeable batteries

For anybody who have not made the switch yet to the new digital books, we will give you a few very good reasons to give it a look. It’s just like reading a regular printed book. It is a definite benefit for those who can’t stand the thought of reading from a computer screen. By having the ability to change the font size, this kind of reading device has become seriously popular. Many men and women have eyesight difficulties and this e-reader makes it quite simple for these individuals to still enjoy a good book. Reading when using the Kindle is actually easier than ever before with all the technology advances the display screen is actually cleaner and crisper so that it is that much easier to use.

I’ve had times where my hands and forearms would start to hurt from holding a heavy book while reading. The modern Kindle 3G is so lightweight that this is no longer a concern. With a weight of just 8.7 ounces it is lighter than a normal paperback book, and it is slimmer than most magazines. And furthermore, as it’s so light you can use one hand to hold it and your arm doesn’t start to cramp. A great thing about this is no matter whether your right or left handed it is produced for both with page turning keys on both sides of the unit.

A fantastic thing which I absolutely love about this system is the 3G technology. What the 3G connections does is enable you to utilize the same signal employed by cell phones. This provides you the power to download books anytime you want. This can be accomplished virtually anywhere, even if you’re traveling. There won’t be any fees or even contracts to sign since this service is covered by Amazon. An incredible function of the Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device is being able to read out loud. When you do a great deal of driving this can be a wonderful feature as you can still read all of the books you want while your driving. My father really likes this feature as he loves to read and he is a truck driver so he can now enjoy all the books he wants. Another great thing tends to be that parents can now take a break and have the Kindle read their children a bed time story.

The Kindle 3G features a great battery life, like every one of the Kindles. When your Kindle is turned off the power supply can last for a month. Right here is the amazing part, should you leave the unit on, it’s going to work for ten days, even if you left it on. You can expect to be given a power adapter, USB cable and obviously the actual battery along with your purchase. Just like anything these days you can buy an extended warranty though the Kindle in fact includes a one year warranty included. Within the package you will find a user manual for your reference, plus a quick start guidebook. You might also choose to purchase a cover to help shield your new e-reader. I strongly suggest you obtain the cover, it will help you to keep your screen devoid of marks especially if you are just transporting your Kindle. One other good factor in regards to the cover is it keeps an individual from turning the device on accidentally.

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It’s time for the Google adsense earnings post again! Why? Because it’s Sunday? Why? Because I want to! Why? Because I remembered and because there’s not much to do in a homestay home… No more questions.

Remember my first week adsense earning? Yeah, it’s a little over $80.. well, better check out this week’s moolah! Performance was better, I actually got the $1/hour thing! Sometimes it’s over that! Why? well, I have had a few more than $24 see? It’s $28, it’s $27.. something like that.

Alright enough mouth watering, suspence filled introduction, check out this week’s earning! So far, it’s on the track:

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I’m thinking of posting my weekly Google Adsense earnings starting now, today, September 7 2008.

Why am I doing this? Pure boredom. It’s my first weekend here in Burnaby, Canada. Yesterday, Saturday we went to the Metrotown (local mall here) but now it’s a lazy Sunday, nothing to do (next week I’ll do my laundry). And because I have nothing to write! hehehe

Anyway, this is not new. I once did this a couple of times already.

Ok, so here’s my earnings on the first week of September 2008.. not much but it will do.

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