A Good Job.

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There are a lot of formulas you can think of to be able to come up with a “best job.” However, no matter how you ponder, there will always be similar factors or ingredients for the job of your dreams and these are:

Environment. This includes physical and social alike. You should be comfortable with your office and with your officemates. You should have your own personal space to be able to work to the best of your potential.

Monetary Compensation. Hard work should always pay off. And to motivate people to work hard and deliver outputs, a company must give due compensation to its employees.

I think that with these two being satisfied, you’ll be able to stay long at a company and eventually buy yourself a zamberlan. No matter how great your environment is, when bills keep on catching up on you, it’ll never suffice. And no matter how high your compensation is, when you’re not comfy in your environment, you’ll never be able to work at your best.

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