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January 15, 2014

My #JuanDirection Experience

I rarely watch TV and when I do, I usually just watch the news (and might I add, the every negative news because they are either about the corrupt government, accidents and deaths and negative gossips and rumors about celebrities). Fortunately, my boardmate has a better taste than me for I finally watched my first Juan Direction episode.

Juan Direction, a spinoff of One Direction, is a program in TV5 which follows the adventures of half-Filipino men who are trying to learn the Filipino culture. Most of the men were half Filipino and half British which made it really interesting because of their accent. And they really sound cute when they speak the Filipino language with their British accent.

It was fun to see something new on TV, I guess. And I think that if this TV series continues to give funny,enriching episodes of Filipino culture, I guess it has me as a regular viewer.

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January 9, 2014

Self-diagnosis: Symptoms of Measles.

Just recently, there has been an outbreak of measles in some parts of Metro Manila. Statistics show that measles is one of the leading cause of dead for children and pregnant women moog keyboard. With this, it is important to be informed if you have measles or not to be able to take the necessary actions to combat the sickness.

Measles is a communicable illness that has the following manifestations which appear 9-11 days after infection:

Fever. Fever may be mild to severe which can last for several days and it can be accompanied by runny nose, watery eyes, dry cough and body ache.

Rashes. Rash that are reddish-brown appear on the ears, head, neck at first which then spreads all over the body.

Other manifestations and symptoms may be present and somewhat similar to that of dengue. If ever, it is best to consult a doctor immediately to stop the spread of the disease in the community.

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December 21, 2013

No Feelings [Live From Brixton Academy 2007

It’s the Sex Pistols like you’ve never seen them before – the legendary punk band’s
first-ever authorized live DVD, THERE’LL ALWAYS BE ANENGLAND , presents their historic
2007 reunion concerts at London’s 4,920-capacity venue Brixton Academy.
The five frenzied shows (November 8, 9, 10, 12, 14) marked the 30th anniversary
of the group’s only studio album, the notorious Never Mind The Bollocks,
Here’s The Sex Pistols, which Rolling Stone has called “the Sermon on the Mount
of English punk.”+

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December 16, 2013

Justice vs. Revenge.

It is horrible to hear of reports of heinous crimes among people. To call it quits, the harmed party will cry for justice and in abhorrent cases, they shriek for revenge.

But how should this be sighted in mature way?

Well, when we have been harried and done a destructive act, we tend to fight back. We want to give justice to it, most of the times, especially if it happened to our loved-ones. But those that are narrow-minded and who cannot humbly bring it to the Maker’s hands would ache for something more, something like a revenge because unless they do so, it appears that they cannot be silenced. They cannot be silenced even when the one they fight for has already rested in peace.

Justice over revenge is still the best means to cope from an emotional disturbance. Read it somewhere in Reid Supply clamps department. It is best to let God avenge you. Revenge will only complicate things and will not give you peace anyway. It is best to seek His will in the misfortunes happening in our lives.

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December 2, 2013

Examining Our Relationship with God.

We may say that we are Sunday churchgoers yet do we have an authentic relationship with the God of our lives? Let us examine ourselves in terms of how we keep this relationship alive.

First, how many times a week do we communicate with Him on a profound level? Communicating does not rely solely on praying for short prayer utterances are sometimes inadequate to develop a rich relationship with God. Therefore an ideal prayer should be one when you really commune with God in an hour or so to establish a connection.

Second, how often do you read the Bible on a serious way to hear His revelations to you? Your momentary reading of the Bible without seeking is not really enough. You need to ponder on His words daily so your spirit can be filled and your soul be fed. Bible-reading should be a daily habit and playing genz-benz amp at Musicians Friend.

Third, how passionate are you in worshiping Him?
Check your heart whenever worshiping. Merely singing is contradictory to what God wants from us. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth. He wants us to express our love for Him through worship and this is something that we need to level up with.


November 19, 2013

4moms MamaRoo Multicolor Plush: It Moves Like Parents Do

Many want to be hands on moms or dads. As much as possible, parents always want to spend quality time with their kids. Further, it is also a nature for parents to keep their little ones as comfortable and as safe as possible. What if parents need to run some errands? How then can they give comfort and keep their kids safe?

Fret not, because at this day and age, new innovations step in to help parents ensure that their kids are well taken care of. And one of these amazing top products that exists today is the 4moms MamaRoo Multicolor Plush.

This mamaRoo is not just an ordinary seat. It is engineered to replicate parents’ natural movements to give additional comfort to the babies.

Specifically, these features make this product worth every parent’s penny:

  • The seat is unisex;

  • This plush seat is machine washable;

  • This can be easily zips in and out of the mamaRoo;

  • It has five different motion settings modelled after calming motions every parent uses;

  • It has built-in nature sounds to make your babies more relaxed;

  • It has MP3 hookup;

  • It can be reclined to any position, etc.

So, yes, with the above-mentioned amazing features, this 4moms MamaRoo Multicolor Plush is certainly a best buy. This mamaROo really moves like parents do.

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October 23, 2013

When He Makes You Smile.

When he makes you smile just by seeing him chat you on Facebook or text you whatever time of the day, it should mean something. When he makes you smile by merely recalling a time you spent together, it should mean special. When he makes you smile whenever he looks at you in the eyes and you shyly bow down because you cannot contain the tickle and joy, it should mean love good low pass filter at musicians friend.

When he makes you smile in one way whenever you’re upset or mad, then he has this certain influence on you. When his words seem so sweet when they are fairly typical, you have fallen, that’s a guarantee.

But when this time comes and the world agrees, your environment smiles, and the sun radiates very brightly, you should give up to it. For this may be falling in love with emotions that simply makes you feel innerly glad.

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October 22, 2013

On the Dot.

Some people tend to be very particular with time, especially during rendezvous or other professional commitments requiring compliance to time – trash pump

Some relevance of on the dot instances are as follows:

Food Deliveries

We always hear this in fastfood commercials: a concept promising on-time delivery of orders. Food deliveries have to be on the dot or else, the fastfo0d will suffer the consequence it set up on the advertisement. Therefore time here is very important.


In the office set-up, our workloads have deadlines, and we therefore manage our time very wisely so that we will all meet our assignments on the dot. Our performance evaluation are most of the times affected if we do not submit it on the dot. Hence we have to be specific with this.

Work shifts

Tardiness is always an issue in the workplaces. This shows lack of discipline to our time. Therefore as good employees we wish to arrive at the workplace or report for work on the dot to avoid reprimands that may negatively affect our job.
Being on the dot will always make us at least a step ahead of the competition.

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Why Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress Makes A Buzz in the Market

The Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress has made a buzz in the market among new and veteran parents who are looking for a quality mattress that would fit and provide comfort to their babies.

Heavenly Dreams is made with Vinyl sleeping surface that is basically hypoallergenic and free of lead ensuring that it meets and passes the Federal Flammability Standards. Moreover, Heavenly Dreams is also produced with firm mattress from firm, lightweight as well as waterproof materials that basically fits all standards of beds and cribs set by known organizations. Aside from these features, Heavenly Dreams was also designed with tear, odor as well as strain resistance through its waterproof covers with high density thermo bonded fiber core.

This model made has coined as one of the Best crib mattress black Friday deals selections due to its versatility, flexibility not to mention its overall quality when it comes to giving comfort and safety to babies.

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October 9, 2013

Foods Not to Eat When Wearing Braces.

Having braces is beneficial. This can make your teeth straightened. As such, this will give you the bright smile that you have ever wanted. However, without proper care, there is a big chance that your braces will be damaged.
This article enumerates the foods that needs to be avoided. Check them out:
  • On top of the list are the chewy gums and candies and dvd duplicator at musicians friend, such as the jelly beans, caramel, etc.
  • If pop corn and cookies are your favorites, then it is time to avoid those as they can also damage your braces. Instead, replace those snacks with healthier alternatives.
  • Hard breads, of course, can make scratches. Muffins and other soft breads are your better options.
  • Acidic foods, such as lemons and limes, can also damage your braces as well as your tooth enamel.
  • Say no to hard peanuts as well.
  • You should avoid ice cubes as they can make a cracks.


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October 8, 2013

Word Games to Feed Your Minds – Then..

Decades past, we had the famous Word Factory and Scrabble which kids and adults play to enhance their word power. Word Factory entails time constraints wherein the player’s goal is to find words out of the jumbled letters stack in square holes where the letter dices fit in. The many words you can answer and the longer each word entry you have, the better chance of earning more points. Speed is important in this game.

The other popular game is scrabble, wherein every player gets seven letters and take turns in forming words put of the seven assined letters. Each letter has corresponsing points and each square where you place your letters has assigned scores too. There is a strategy involved here to achieve our desired points. In this game, what counts more is the technique in scoring.

Both these games have been very widely played by everyone to enhance their vocabulary skill.

And it is proven to be helpful for one to be smart enough.

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October 6, 2013

The Role of Tissue Papers.

Thanks to tissue papers, we can all clean up our mess easily and then just dispose them properly after use. Below are some common uses of tissue papers and phantom power supply

Feminine Use
Needless to say, there are sanitary tissues or toilet papers we use for feminine, and sometimes masculine thing.

For Desks and Other Items
Tissue papers are like rags, especially he rough and less soft ones, for we use it to wipe dust in our things or dirt in our tables, etc.

For Make-up Residues
For this we need facial tissue. We use it probably when there is excess lipstick on the corner of our mouth or eyebrow liner that fall out of line.

For Wiping Wet Hands
Some people want it easy so they would rather use tissue paper to dry their hands than put them under the steam of the hand dryer.

For Crying
Obviously, we use tissues to wipe our tears other than the handkerchief that only a few remains to choose.

For Sneezing
Whether there is something or there is none that comes out of our nose when we sneeze, we use tissue to either prepare for it or to cover it.

You see, tissue paper is very practical to use in many situation. I’m sure you would want to always keep some in your bag.